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What is the flower letter of the great cold solar term in 2020, freesia

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In addition to the 24 solar terms, there are also 24 kinds of flower letters in

, and the flower letters of each solar term are different. What is the flower letter of the cold solar term in 2020? What are the descriptive poems of the cold solar terms? Let's get to know each other with our old calendar!

2020年大寒节气花信是什么 小苍兰

what is the flower letter of the great cold solar term in 2020? The flower letter of the great cold solar term is freesia. Perennial herb. The bulb is narrowly ovate or ovoid, wrapped with a membranous coating with reticulate and dark red spots. The leaves are sword shaped or strip-shaped, slightly curved, 15-40 cm long and 0.5-1.4 cm wide, yellow green, with obvious midvein. The flower stem is upright, with 2-3 curved branches at the upper part and several leaves at the lower part; Flowers sessile; There are 2 membranous bracts at the base of each flower. The bracts are wide ovate or oval, slightly concave or 2-pointed at the top, 0.6-1 cm long and about 8 mm wide; Flowers erect, pale yellow or yellowish green, fragrant, 2-3 cm in diameter; Perianth tube trumpet shaped, about 4 cm long, about 1 cm in diameter, thinning at the base, perianth lobes arranged in 6, 2 rounds, outer perianth lobes oval or oval, 1.8-2 cm long and about 6 mm wide, inner perianth lobes slightly shorter and narrower than outer perianth lobes; Stamens 3, inserted on perianth tube, 2-2.5 cm long; Style 1, stigma 6-lobed, ovary green, subglobose, ca. 3 mm in diameter. Capsule nearly ovoid, loculicidal dehiscence.


describe the solar terms of the great cold. 1. Shao Yong's chant of the great cold. The old snow has not disappeared, and the new snow has many households. Frozen silver bed in front of the steps, cornice ice bell milk. The clear sun has no light, and the strong wind is angry. Every man has his tongue, and words cannot vomit.

2020年大寒节气花信是什么 小苍兰

2. Lu You's the great cold. The cold and snow have not disappeared. You can't go out after closing your door. Unfortunately, you cut the cloud crown. This is the knee room. My car is hanging, I drive for a long time and scold. Brush the dust to take a series, relatively easy all day. The dead sheep should avoid many differences. When learning the Tao, they should send one letter. The letter can belong to the que Li, and the Baishi end can be deposed. Don't rest for Shantang and meet Gao Gu. Although the decadent age has been forced, the child has beauty.

3. Lu You's "great cold out of the west gate of Jiangling" pingming wins a horse out of the west gate, and the cold clouds spit and swallow for a long time. It's easy to wake up when the wind blows on the drunk face. Heavy fur hides his hand and takes a little temperature. One after another, Fox and rabbit cast deep Mang and scattered cattle and sheep far away from the village. Without much emotion for the mountains and rivers, the old poor wanderer lost his soul.

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