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The meaning of cold dew in 24 solar terms on October 8, 2020 what are the benefits of eating pears

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cold dew solar term is the 24 solar terms in China. When the Mid Autumn Festival is divided into two solar terms, people also change their autumn clothes and pay attention to the change of temperature. What is the significance of 24 solar terms cold dew on October 8, 2020? What are the benefits of cold dew eating pears? Let's understand the solar term of cold dew with the old yellow calendar!

2020年10月8日24节气寒露所表示的意义 吃梨有什么好处

the meaning of the 24 solar terms cold dew on October 8, 2020: the temperature is lower than the White Dew solar term. The cold dew solar term is a solar term name adapted to the White Dew solar term. After the White Dew solar term, the weather begins to cool. After the cold dew solar term, the temperature becomes lower. After another 15 days, after the frost reduction solar term, the temperature will become lower, A gradual transition to the winter climate.

what are the benefits of eating pears in cold dew? Pears are essential fruits in cold dew solar terms, and pears will be on the market in large quantities at this time. We can eat more pears in this solar term. Pears have the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough. Eating more pears in autumn can also effectively moisten the lungs and prevent irritability. Therefore, it can be said that the best fruit in cold dew solar terms is pears. For patients with hypertension, heart disease, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, it is beneficial to often eat pears; It can promote appetite, help digestion, diuresis, defecation and antipyretic effect. It can be used to supplement water and nutrition in high fever.

2020年10月8日24节气寒露所表示的意义 吃梨有什么好处

cold dew warm tips and blessings 1. Cold dew tips: cold diet, gradual separation, cooked food, warm things, warm stomach and spleen, autumn flowers and Autumn Moon, wonderful scenery and wonderful season, climb with the wind, feel comfortable with autumn, add clothes with cold weather, keep disease away, exercise more and keep healthy. 2. Han Lu said, "the weasel stands at attention -- show a little hand". Salute to you, greet you and bless you. May your big brother "grey wolf" be happy, warm, lazy, beautiful and happy every day! 3. There are flowers and dew. Good customs, wind and rain show true feelings. Friends miss you for a long time. They look forward to meeting each other every day. Cold dew is very cold in autumn. May you add clothes and keep warm. I wish you all the best and good health.

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