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How long is the day after the origin of ancestor worship and Tomb Sweeping on December 21, 2020

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will have tomb sweeping and ancestor worship activities during the winter solstice in southern China, and this custom has been formed for a long time, but many people don't know why there is this custom. What is the origin of ancestor worship and tomb sweeping during the winter solstice on December 21, 2021? How long is the day after the winter solstice? Let's understand and analyze the old yellow calendar together!

2020年12月21日冬至祭祖扫墓的由来 过后白天一天长多少

the origin of the winter solstice Tomb Sweeping on December 21, 2020 it is said that in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the winter solstice was a day to worship heaven and ancestors. The emperor held a grand sacrificial ceremony on the winter solstice. The common people would also worship their parents and ancestors. Large families with a large population would also worship their ancestors together. Therefore, the winter solstice is also called offering sacrifices to winter. According to the records of Zhou Lichun official · Shenshi: "the winter solstice will cause gods, gods and ghosts." it seems that there have been winter solstice sacrificial activities since the Zhou Dynasty. According to the four people monthly order of the Han Dynasty, on the winter solstice, millet cakes are used as offerings to worship gods and ancestors. Everyone enters wine and food together, and wishes teachers and the elderly. The custom is the same as that on the first day of the new year. According to Gu Qiyuan's guest wordings · mausoleum sacrifice in the Ming Dynasty and Shen Defu's Wanli yehuo · mausoleum sacrifice in the Ming Dynasty, the Ming court had a regular sacrifice system for the mausoleum of the Nanjing emperor. The emperor Taizu's Xiaoling was a year-old three sacrifices, namely the three major sacrifices of Qingming, Zhongyuan and winter solstice. The mausoleum of Prince Yiwen is a year-old and nine sacrifices, which are new year's day, mengchun, Qingming, Mengxia, death, mengqiu, Zhongyuan, Mengdong, winter solstice and dusk. According to historical records, after the Ming Dynasty moved its capital to Beijing, the mausoleum was built on Tianshou mountain, a hundred miles away from the capital. Therefore, in case of Qingming, Zhongyuan and winter solstice, the old minister Xun was generally ordered to salute at the imperial mausoleum.

2020年12月21日冬至祭祖扫墓的由来 过后白天一天长多少

after the winter solstice, how long is the day "after winter, a needle" and "after the winter solstice meal, a line grows a day". From the winter solstice, the direct sunlight position moves northward, and the days gradually extend, with an average daily increase of more than 90 seconds, that is, 1 minute and 30 seconds. The motherland has a vast territory. Although the day is the shortest at this time, it is also very short: in Shantou, Guangzhou and other places near the Tropic of cancer, the day is about 11 hours and 31 minutes; In Qinhuangdao, Beijing, Jiayuguan, Kashgar and other places around 40 degrees north latitude, the day is about 10 hours and 20 minutes; Mohe Town, the northernmost town, has less than 7 hours of daylight. The agricultural proverb "it is unknown to walk a hundred miles in winter, but it is not black to walk a hundred miles in summer" shows the great difference between the day and night of the winter solstice and the summer solstice.

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