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Is the 2020 winter solstice a cold day? What's the stress of the festival

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winter solstice is the winter solar term in China, and during the winter solstice, people will have many customs to celebrate the arrival of the festival. Is the winter solstice solar term in 2020 several nine cold days? What's particular about the 2020 winter solstice? Let's analyze and understand the old yellow calendar together!

2020冬至是数九寒天吗 过节有什么讲究

is the 2020 winter solstice the coldest day of the year? Yes, the winter solstice is the longest night of the year. From the winter solstice, we will enter the coldest season of the year. Chinese tradition has the custom of "counting nine" from the winter solstice, that is, from the winter solstice, every nine days is a paragraph, representing the deepening of the cold degree. The winter solstice is the first day of "19", until "99" (a total of 81 days), and the cold is over. This cold season is called "Jiujiu", "Jiujiu", also known as "Jiujiu cold day". Among them, it is coldest during the "March 9th" period.


what's important about the winter solstice? The winter solstice pays attention to family reunion. Although it's not a legal holiday, it's better to go home and have dinner with your family. Generally, parents pay more attention to the festival. Parents will be very happy to go back home during the festival. Among the people, the winter solstice is called "sub year old". People should pay homage to their parents and elders. The winter solstice is a day to worship heaven and ancestors. People should worship their parents and elders. The winter solstice has gradually become a festival to offer sacrifices to ancestors and gods. The winter solstice is a good time for tonic. Generally, on the day of the winter solstice, dumplings are generally eaten in the north, tangyuan is eaten in the south, and mutton soup is drunk in many places. Health care and body building: in the four days before and after the winter solstice, plus the nine days of the winter solstice, you can keep healthy by moxibusting Shenque point with moxa sticks. At the same time, you can stick to soaking your feet at night.

2020冬至是数九寒天吗 过节有什么讲究

winter solstice health blessings the winter solstice is cold, and SMS sends my greetings. No matter how far the landscape road is, there will be no less thoughts. Add clothes to keep warm, prevent colds, be healthy and live a good life. Blessing is as high as a mountain. May you be happy and smile! The weather is cold and the ground is cold. Wear more clothes and less wind; The grass is yellow, the flowers are broken, and the heart is bright. The winter solstice is coming. I wish you take care, run in the sun, smile in happiness and embrace happiness! The winter solstice is cold and cold. Add more clothes to keep warm and feel peaceful and happy. Join hands with good luck. The road ahead is wide. No matter how busy you are, you should exercise more. Keep in mind your health. The temperature of friendship world rises. May you be happy forever! Winter solstice cold index drop, blessing temperature rise: May your trouble index drop and happiness temperature rise; The busy index drops and the leisure temperature rises; The failure index drops and the success temperature rises; The disease index decreased and the health index increased.

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