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What are the three seasons in the cold dew solar terms? What must be paid attention to in health preservation

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among the twenty-four solar terms in China, the cold dew solar term is in the middle of autumn, and people can feel cool during the cold dew. What are the three seasons of the cold dew solar term? What must we pay attention to when maintaining health with cold dew? Let's explore together with you!

寒露节气当中三候是什么 养生时必须注意什么

what are the three seasons in the cold dew solar term: "first, the goose guests; second, the bird into the flood is a clam; third, the chrysanthemum has yellow flowers." in this solar term, the goose move south in a zigzag or herringbone queue; It was cold in late autumn, and the birds disappeared. The ancients saw a lot of clams suddenly appear on the beach, and the stripes and colors of the shells were very similar to those of birds, so they thought they were birds; The third phase of "chrysanthemum begins to yellow" means that chrysanthemums have generally opened at this time.


what must be paid attention to when maintaining health with cold dew? 1. Keep your feet warm. As the saying goes: "cold dew does not expose your feet." after the cold dew, the temperature gradually decreases. Therefore, citizens should not often expose themselves naked to prevent cool air from invading their bodies. At the same time, sandals in summer can be basically put away to prevent "cold from your feet". Citizens can soak their feet in hot water every night, which can expand the blood vessels and accelerate the blood flow of the feet, improve the nutrition of the skin and tissues of the feet, reduce the occurrence of lower limb pain and alleviate fatigue.

2. After timely adding clothes and cold dew, the weather is cold. The elderly, children and citizens with weak physique should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth, and gradually add clothes. As the saying goes, "spring covers autumn". Moderate cold in autumn is conducive to improving the cold resistance of skin and nasal mucosa. However, the elderly and people with various chronic diseases should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth to prevent "freezing" from getting sick.

3. Go to bed early and get up early. After the cold dew, the day is short and the night is long. The "Yang" in nature begins to converge and settle. This is the time for people to maintain Yang Qi. Therefore, people's living time should be adjusted accordingly. There is a paragraph in Su Wen · the great theory of four Qi regulating spirit that "lie down early and get up early in autumn in March, and be happy with chickens", which tells people the truth of health preservation in autumn.

4. After nourishing yin and preventing dryness and cold dew, there is less rain, the weather is dry, hot in the day and cool at night. Many people will have the "cool dryness" symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, dry throat, dry nose, dry skin and so on. Director Su said that health preservation in cold dew season is different from that in autumn equinox. The most important thing in cold dew health preservation is to prevent "cool dryness", starting from nourishing yin and preventing dryness, moistening lung and benefiting stomach.

寒露节气当中三候是什么 养生时必须注意什么

5. Nourish the stomach. The temperature gradually cools in autumn, and the gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to cold stimulation. If it is not properly protected, it will cause gastrointestinal diseases or make the original gastric diseases more serious. Therefore, the health preservation after cold dew should pay special attention to the maintenance of your stomach. First of all, we should pay attention to keeping warm. After autumn, we should pay special attention to keeping warm in the stomach, add clothes in time, and cover the quilt when sleeping at night.

6. Moderate exercise in autumn is a good time for exercise. You can choose different sports for exercise according to your personal situation. Long term adherence can enhance cardiopulmonary function. Walking and mountain climbing are good choices. However, the intensity should not be too large at the beginning, and the amount of exercise should be gradually increased. If you exercise too much, it will increase the fatigue of the human body, which is not conducive to the recovery of the body.

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