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Is it cool after the cold dew Festival? Is it winter

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talks about the 24 solar terms, people will not feel strange, because these 24 solar terms represent 24 solar terms at different times in China. Will it be cool after the cold dew Festival? Is the cold dew winter? Let's get to know our old calendar together!

寒露节过了就凉快了吗 是入冬了吗

is it cool after the cold dew Festival? The temperature is low after the cold dew Festival. In previous years, the average temperature in China after the cold dew solar term is about 20 °. Even if the temperature rises occasionally, the temperature will not be higher than 35 ° and there will be no continuous high temperature. The cold dew solar term is the first solar term with the word "cold" in the 24 solar terms. It is clear that from the cold dew solar term, it will transition like winter. The cold dew solar term is a sign that the weather turns cold. After the cold dew Festival, the weather will not be hot. It will not only be hot, but also frost and ice. Is


cold dew winter: not yet. Cold dew is the solar term in autumn. After frost, winter begins to enter.

寒露节过了就凉快了吗 是入冬了吗

cold dew solar term warm literary blessing 1. As the saying goes: White Dew body does not reveal, cold dew foot does not reveal. But as the saying goes: spring covers autumn, no miscellaneous diseases. When the cold dew Festival comes, whether to dew or not, whether to freeze or not. I can only say: I wish you health on Hanlu Festival. 2. When the cold dew arrives, the warm sun runs, the grass on the ground, and the autumn wind sweeps, the cold dew brings the autumn cold, and the greeting brings the warmth. I hope my simple greeting will bring you infinite warmth! I wish you all a warm and happy winter dew! 3. Get rid of the tracking of autumn, escape the surveillance of autumn moon, avoid the pursuit of autumn wind and the attack of autumn rain. The cold dew successfully arrived beside you just to tell you that the weather is getting colder and pay attention to adding clothes! Happy cold dew! 4. The cold can cool your body, but not your heart. They are separated by mountains and rivers, but they can be close to each other. In the cold dew season, send the most considerate care and warmest blessing to my sincere friends. Happy Hanlu!

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