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Cold dew solar term on October 8, 2020? What are the three phenological characteristics

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The cold dew solar term is one of the solar terms of

in early October every year, but the time of the cold dew solar term is different every year. Is October 8, 2020 the cold dew solar term? What are the three phenological characteristics of cold dew solar terms? Let's get to know each other together!

2020年10月8日寒露节气吗 三个物候特征是什么

is October 8, 2020 the cold dew solar term: Yes, the cold dew solar term in 2020 starts at 03:55:07, Thursday, October 8, 2020 in the new calendar.


what are the three phenological characteristics of the cold dew? The short 15 days of the cold dew can be divided into three relatively independent stages. "Waiting for the goose guests" means that in the first five days of the cold dew, but when you see the geese in the sky moving South in groups, they sometimes line up in a straight line and sometimes in a straight line, which has become a beautiful meticulous light color on the big paper of the sky. "The second time a bird enters the flood, it becomes a clam" means that five days later, the weather enters late autumn, the cold begins to be threatening, and the birds are hiding. There are many clams on the beach, and the stripes and colors of the shells are similar to those of birds, so the ancients thought that clams were turned by birds. "Three waiting chrysanthemums have yellow flowers" said that when the cold dew was about to end the curtain, the chrysanthemums all over the mountains seemed to make an appointment. They were in full bloom overnight, smearing a glimmer of vitality on the desolate late autumn. The representative plants in late autumn are maple trees. The fiery red maple leaves seem to be the combustion of the fire of life against the blue sky and white clouds.

2020年10月8日寒露节气吗 三个物候特征是什么

cold dew health message 1. When the cold dew drops, add clothes in time to avoid catching cold; Care for the body, pay attention to health, eat Yin and avoid spicy; Exercise properly, don't be violent, go to bed early and get up early, keep pace with the times, avoid disease, be healthy and happy; When the cold dew comes, I wish my friends health, happiness and good luck. 2. In cold dew season, the living time can be adjusted accordingly. The weather becomes cold, sleep increases, blood flow slows down during sleep, and thrombosis is easy to form. Therefore, we should "lie down early and get up early and enjoy ourselves with chickens" to avoid thrombosis. 3. It is easy to be sad in cold dew season. It is mainly to nourish Yin essence and put spiritual maintenance in the first place. This season is suitable for outings, hiking, appreciating autumn chrysanthemums, climbing to see red leaves, or inviting friends to dinner in Chongyang, which can avoid the lonely psychology of autumn. 4. The cold dew will arrive soon. The best health food for this solar term is to moisten the lungs and generate fluid, strengthen the spleen and benefit the stomach. Suitable foods include lily, jujube, sweet potato, medlar, pumpkin, tremella, Sydney, etc. to avoid spicy stimulation.

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