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What are the three phenology at the beginning of winter? Have you started counting nine

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beginning of winter is the solar term after the frost term, and the frost term is also the last solar term in autumn, and there are many cultures in the beginning of winter term. So what are the three phenology of beginning of winter? Did Lidong start counting nine? Let's understand and analyze the old yellow calendar together!

立冬三个物候是哪三候 开始数九了吗

which are the three phenology at the beginning of winter? Water begins to ice. At the beginning of winter, water begins to ice, and ice is colder than water, so it is the combination of water and ice. The winter cold water knot is the Fu Yin. The ice begins in Meng Dong, is strong in mid winter, and is abundant in winter. Second, the ground began to freeze. Five days after the beginning of winter, the ground began to freeze, ice Zhuang said it was frozen, and the ground winter was condensed. "Misty wild floating sun, Hui Hui water covered with cold". Three times, the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage. In the next five days, a pheasant entering the flood is a mirage, which corresponds to "a bird entering the flood is a clam". A mirage is a big clam. The ancients believed that "mirage" was a mirage.

have you started counting nine at the beginning of winter: No, counting nine starts from the winter solstice. The beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, and the winter solstice is the beginning of "count nine", which means that the coldest time of winter has come. From the winter solstice, there is a "Nine" every nine days. As the saying goes: no action in 1929; Three nine four nine walk on the ice; 5969, insert willows along the river; 79 apricot blossoms; Eight or nine Yan returns. It means that the coldest winter is in March and September, and then the flowers gradually bloom in spring. The winter solstice festival is usually December 22. If we only count nine, it starts from the next day of the winter solstice.

立冬三个物候是哪三候 开始数九了吗

short and unique blessings at the beginning of winter 1. The snow is clear, and the branches in winter are covered with romantic fragrance; The cold wind is blowing, and the winter air is full of auspicious melody; Wish you happiness in winter; Deep greetings, I wish you well-being in the beginning of winter! 2. The raging cold wind can't stop the wanton passion; The frozen world cannot freeze the warm feelings; Flying snowflakes can't fly away the continuous friendship; Far distance, not far from the heart. Happy Lidong, peace and happiness! 3. When the weather gets cold, greetings are indispensable; Please do a good job in keeping warm; Sweaters and scarves, not tired with them; Wear a mask when going out to isolate bacteria; Physical exercise, laziness, let's not; Healthy diet and nutrition should be ensured; Relieve fatigue and take a bath on time; Go to bed early and get up late, remember the tips; Greetings from friends are my most thoughtful; May you feel better after reading! Happy Lidong! 4. Autumn is gone and winter is coming. The leaves are colorful and the day is getting cooler; The sky is also vast, the earth is also vast, life is busy and hard; Clothing should be added, disease should be prevented, and health industry should be brilliant; May you enjoy the fragrance of life and have a long and happy day.

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