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24 the origin of eating dumplings at the beginning of winter

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Among the 24 solar terms of

, the first solar term in winter is the beginning of winter, and the food that must be eaten in the beginning of winter is dumplings, but many people don't know why to eat. What is the origin of eating dumplings in the beginning of 24 solar terms? How to do Lidong health preservation? Let's explore together with you!

24节气立冬吃饺子的由来 养生要怎么做

24 solar terms the origin of eating dumplings at the beginning of winter, because dumplings come from the saying of "delivery time". The new year's Eve is the turn of the old year and the new year, and the beginning of winter is the turn of autumn and winter. Therefore, dumplings can't be eaten at the time of "making" dumplings. Now people have gradually restored this ancient custom. On the day of the beginning of winter, all kinds of dumplings sell very well. Dumplings existed as early as the Three Kingdoms, but the dumplings in that meeting were similar to the current wonton. After cooking, they were mixed with soup in a bowl, so people called dumplings "wonton" at that time. It was not until the Tang Dynasty that dumplings became the same as they are now. The original name of Jiaozi is said to be "jiao'er", which was first invented by Zhang Zhongjing, a medical saint in China. His story of "Quhan Jiaoer Decoction" is still circulating among the people in China. In the north, dumplings have the meaning of "when giving birth", and Lidong is the day when autumn and winter intersect. Therefore, the tradition of eating dumplings in Lidong has been spread in the north for hundreds of years. Others say that when Lidong eats dumplings, he can't eat them immediately after taking out the pot. He should put them one by one in a clean sieve, hang them a little and drop the water. This is to honor the God of the earth before eating and thank him for his generous giving in the autumn.


how to do daily life for health preservation at the beginning of winter - go to bed early and get up late. Do not stay up late. The three months from the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring are also called winter March. In winter, plants and trees wither, dormant insects hide, and all activities tend to stop. Use hibernation to conserve energy and prepare for the vitality of the next spring.


diet - rhizomes and seafood are preferred in winter diet. Although there is no theory of hibernation, there is a folk custom of starting winter to make up for winter. There is also a saying that "three nine make up one winter, and there will be no pain in the coming year". Winter is also the best period for tonic. At this time, tonic can supplement vitality for resisting the severe cold in winter.

24节气立冬吃饺子的由来 养生要怎么做

emotions - learn to steal happiness and don't get excited. "Make your ambition if hidden, if you have private intention, if you have something," director Liu explained. In winter, you should keep your emotions hidden and quiet. If you have happy things, you'd better steal happiness. Don't make your emotions rise and fall, don't be too demanding, and you can be less disturbed by the outside world, To achieve spiritual introversion.

exercise - don't choose strenuous exercise in winter. As the saying goes, "practice three volts in winter and three or nine in summer." but winter exercise also has a principle, that is, don't expose the skin, don't exercise violently, and make the skin pores completely open, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold and cold evil invasion.

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