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What is the climate characteristic of the beginning of winter in the 24 solar terms? What are the beautiful poems

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is a solar term at the beginning of winter in China, and many people also have many doubts about the solar term. What is the climatic characteristics of the 24 solar terms? What is the aestheticism of the verse of the 24 solar terms Lidong? Let's get to know our old calendar together! What are the climatic characteristics of the 24 solar terms


, 24节气的立冬气候特点是啥 诗句唯美,


at the beginning of winter: the transition from little rain and dryness to cloudy rain, cold and freezing, and the beginning of construction means the establishment and beginning; Winter means "end" and has the meaning of collecting crops after harvest. The beginning of winter, the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer and the beginning of autumn are collectively referred to as "four Li", which are seasonal solar terms. The four seasons alternate throughout the year, and the "four stands" mark the rotation of the four seasons, reflecting the laws of phenology, climate and other changes, such as spring, summer, autumn harvest and winter storage. In southern China (low latitude region), there are many rains, storms, sufficient light and humidity, and there are obvious changes in rainfall and storms during season change; In the northern region, there is little rain and storm. These changes are not obvious during the season change. The obvious change is the temperature. The temperature in the northern region (mid latitude region) changes obviously in four seasons. Lidong means that winter begins from now on. Traditionally, the 24 solar terms "Lidong" is used as the beginning of winter. At the beginning of winter, the sun has reached 225 degrees of the Yellow longitude, the earth is located at - 16 ° 19 ', the height of the sun in the northern hemisphere becomes smaller, the daytime time is shortened, and the amount of solar radiation in the northern hemisphere is less and less. However, at this time, the heat stored on the surface in the second half of the year still has some energy, so it is not very cold. During Meng Dong (Lidong solstice light snow), when it is sunny and windless, there is often a warm and comfortable "little sunny spring" weather. There is a saying "little sunny spring in October" among the people. In some southern areas, it is generally not very cold in early winter (Mengdong), but with the passage of time, the cold air frequently goes south and the temperature gradually decreases. In the northern region, it is very cold from before winter to spring. The climate change of several solar terms in winter is not obvious. Snow is the main feature of northern winter. In some areas of southern China, during the winter solstice light snow festival (equivalent to October of the lunar calendar), there is often a period of warm weather like spring, so that some fruit trees mistakenly think that spring is coming and bloom twice. It is the so-called "warm August, warm September, and little sunny spring in October". In winter, the so-called "cold in 39 days" and "39 days" are usually not very cold. Starting from the winter solstice union day, every "nine days" counts as a "Nine". The first nine days are called "19", the second nine days are called "29", and so on. The coldest period of the year is "39 days". Since the winter solstice solar term, it began to enter the "three or nine days", with frequent strong cold air going south, sudden drop in temperature and cold weather. Therefore, the real cold in winter is after the winter solstice.

24节气的立冬气候特点是啥 诗句唯美

the verse of the solar term at the beginning of winter is beautiful. Song Qiu yuan's "two songs at the beginning of winter" the drizzle produces cold without frost, and the wood leaves in front of the court are half green and yellow. Xiaochun hasn't been here for many days. Where does the plum blossom bloom.

purple and gold frost "beginning of winter" falls into the water, the lotus pond is dry, and the west wind gradually calls the north wind. Boxwood is stubborn, and white birch is soft and half sparse. The cold frost on the door can wake up the bones, and the residual photos on the window are good for reading. It is planned to sing plum snow in March and borrow its own small stove.

the beginning of winter by Wang Zhideng of the Ming Dynasty the autumn wind blows away the old tingke, and the yellow leaf Danfeng passes by. A little Zen light for half a month. It's colder tonight than last night.

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