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What can't be done in the 24 solar terms at the beginning of winter and what flowers will bloom

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Lidong is one of the solar terms in China. With the continuous development of time, Lidong has also formed many new cultures and customs. What can not be done in the 24 solar terms? Which flowers will bloom at the beginning of winter? Let's explore together with you! Among the 24 solar terms of


, 24节气中立冬节气不可以做哪些事情 哪些花会开花,


, what can not be done in the beginning of winter? 1. Avoid taking a long bath. Yin Qi is heavier in winter. Taking a long bath after the beginning of winter will reduce people's Yang Qi. Moreover, the air in winter is dry and cold, and many elderly skin is dry, desquamated and itchy, so it is not suitable to soak in water for a long time.

2. Avoid "small diseases" and do not treat them. It is cold after the beginning of winter. People are prone to "small diseases" such as cold, cough, headache and panic. It is also in winter, so they must be treated in time to prevent them. Don't accumulate old problems


because of a moment's negligence. 3. Avoid going out too early. In the winter morning, when the temperature is the lowest in the day, not only going out is most likely to cause a cold, but also the Yin is relatively heavy. Non working people had better choose to exercise outside after 10 a.m. Workers should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm and adjust their luck.

4. Too long sun exposure will reduce people's water five elements and reduce wealth. In terms of health, it will damage the skin, destroy the natural barrier of the human body, make harmful chemicals and microorganisms in the atmosphere invade the human body, cause infection, and cause vision loss.

5. Avoid activities. After strenuous exercise, the heartbeat is easy to accelerate and the blood pressure rises. It is particularly dangerous in this season. So it's best not to choose strenuous exercise after the beginning of winter.


solar terms, which flowers will bloom at the beginning of winter, plum, deciduous tree of Rosaceae, small tree of apricot and rare shrub; Bark light gray or greenish, smooth; Branchlets green, smooth, glabrous; Leaf blade ovate or elliptic. Plum blossom has been cultivated for more than 3000 years. It originated in southern China and was later introduced to South Korea and Japan. It has important ornamental and medicinal value.

24节气中立冬节气不可以做哪些事情 哪些花会开花

camellia, also known as camellia, is a general name for a variety of plants and horticultural varieties of Camellia family and Camellia.

Poinsettia shrub. Roots terete, very much branched. Stem erect, 1-3 tall, 1-4 cm in diameter, glabrous. Leaves alternate, ovate elliptic, long elliptic or lanceolate, green, margin entire or lobed or wavy lobed, leaf surface pubescent or glabrous, leaf back pubescent; Bracts 5-7, narrowly elliptic, 3-7 cm long and 1-2 cm wide, usually entire, rarely, margin light wavy, vermilion.


Clivia, also known as Lycoris radiata and Lycoris radiata, are ornamental flowers of Clivia genus in Lycoris family. Native to southern South Africa.

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