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Is it cold after the light snow in 2020? What must be done

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snow is a common weather in winter in the north. In the solar terms, light snow is not snow, but the beginning time of snow. Will it be cold after light snow in 2020? What must light snow do? Let's explore together!

2020年节气小雪过了就冷了吗 必须做的哪些事情

will it be cold after the light snow in 2020: Yes, the light snow solar term has entered winter, and the temperature is falling. "Light snow" indicates the starting time and degree of snowfall. After entering the "light snow" solar term, the temperature will be lower and lower, which is directly reflected in the gradual drop of the temperature below zero degrees Celsius. According to the observation of nature, the ancients of our country divided "light snow" into three periods: "the first period is when the rainbow is hidden; the second period is when the weather rises and the earth's atmosphere drops; and the third period is when it is blocked and becomes winter." it means that at this time, the rainbow will not appear, everything loses its vitality, and heaven and earth are blocked and turn into the cold season.

what must be done in the solar term of light snow to balance nutrition? After the weather turns cool, people will have a great increase in appetite. It's good to eat more sour foods that nourish yin and moisten lung in dry season, such as tremella, pear, lotus root, grape, apple, etc. and eat less spicy food.

moderate exercise mountaineering, walking and Tai Chi are cold resistant exercises, which can improve the body's immunity. However, it should be noted that in rainy and snowy weather, try not to go out for exercise to avoid falling and accidents.

massage the head. If it is a cold caused by wind cold, massage the head can play an effective therapeutic role. The specific method is to find Baihui, Fengchi and other acupoints, press 50 times, once in the morning and once in the evening. Drinking ginger soup is also suitable for patients with early wind cold and cold.

2020年节气小雪过了就冷了吗 必须做的哪些事情

the elderly, children and some people with weak physique and poor resistance must take a coat when they go out in the morning and evening. In the choice of clothes, we should also fully consider many factors such as comfort, protection and health care.


keep the air in circulation. It is better to close the windows at night and open the windows for ventilation three times in the morning, noon and evening, 15 minutes each time, which not only keeps the indoor air fresh, but also inhibits the breeding of bacteria. But you must close the window when you sleep at night. The temperature is low at night and the cold wind is easy to cause the attack of asthma and other diseases.


have regular work and rest. Many people sleep late in summer and have irregular work and rest. If they continue to autumn and winter, it is easy to reduce their resistance. Therefore, we should ensure regular work and rest and life rhythm, go to bed early, appropriately extend sleep time, and drink more water at the same time.

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