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Is the solar term cold dew in 2020 lunar August or September? Is there a large temperature difference between day and night

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has entered autumn when it is cold dew in China, and the weather has changed a lot during the cold dew. So is the cold dew of the solar term in 2020 August or September of the lunar calendar? Is there a big temperature difference between day and night? Let's get to know each other!

2020年节气寒露是农历八月还是九月 昼夜温差大吗

is the cold dew of the 2020 solar term August or September of the lunar calendar: the cold dew of the 2020 solar term in August is October 8, 2020, Thursday, August 22 of the lunar calendar. Is there a large temperature difference between day and night: after the cold dew solar term, the day is getting shorter, the night is getting longer, the sunshine is decreasing, the heat is slowly receding, and the cold is growing, The temperature difference between day and night is large, and I feel a little cold in the morning and evening. In terms of climate characteristics, in the cold dew season, the autumn in the south is getting stronger, cool and windy, with little rain and dry; The vast areas of the north have entered or will enter winter from late autumn.

2020年节气寒露是农历八月还是九月 昼夜温差大吗

cold dew blessing sentence 1. The cold dew solar term comes quietly. It is hot in the day and cold at night, which is easy to catch a cold. Early to bed and early to rise, good health, fruits and vegetables can not be less. Eat well at breakfast and drink plenty of boiled water without illness. Bless you with many blessings. Be happy and laugh every day! 2. The wild geese fly south and the cold dew arrives; The temperature drops sharply and clothes are added; Tremella lily, moist and dry; Apple and Sydney, good skin care; Caring reminder is the most reliable; I wish you Hanlu peace and happiness! 3. In the season of cold dew and alternating cold and heat today, dew condenses into frost, which is very cold. In order to resist the cold wave, warm colors must be used to reconcile, such as red with yellow. Honey, go and see the red leaves of Xiangshan and take ginkgo Avenue! 4. In the cold dew season, let the autumn wind blow away your troubles; Watch the autumn leaf dance, dance leisurely and carefree; Let autumn rain drench you with success and good luck; Let the message fly, fly the true blessing: May you keep warm with happiness and warm up with happiness.

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