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Will it snow at the beginning of winter in 2020? The reason for eating dumplings at the beginning of winter

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beginning of winter is a traditional 24 solar terms, and beginning of winter means the coming of winter and the cold weather. Will it snow in the beginning of winter in 2020? What is the reason for eating dumplings at the beginning of winter? Let's get to know each other!

2020年立冬节气会下雪吗 节气吃饺子的理由

will it snow at the beginning of winter in 2020: depending on the specific situation, the beginning of winter is the first solar term in winter, marking the formal establishment of seasonal winter. However, China has a wide region. During the beginning of winter solar term, Lingnan, Hainan and other places are still in warm weather and still maintain a temperature of more than 25 ℃, while in the north, Especially in the three northeastern provinces, the temperature is relatively low before the beginning of winter, especially near Mohe. It begins to snow in late autumn. Therefore, whether it snows at the beginning of winter depends on the environment, depending on the specific situation.

the reason for eating dumplings in the beginning of winter solar term eating dumplings was related to the traditional farming society in ancient China. In the long ancient times, China has been in an agricultural society with relatively backward productivity, and the people's living standard is relatively low. Most people can only barely keep enough food and clothing, and even struggle under the food and clothing line. It is a problem to eat normally, let alone eat dumplings extravagantly.

2020年立冬节气会下雪吗 节气吃饺子的理由

but just as the saying goes, "spring is born and summer is long, autumn is harvested and winter is hidden", by the beginning of winter, the grain in the field has basically been recovered. After working hard for a year, it's also time to reward yourself. In addition, it's about to enter the cold winter, and your body needs tonic to resist the cold in winter. Therefore, the ancients took advantage of the beginning of winter to make a hot dumpling and enjoy a rare harvest time. In this way, the custom of eating dumplings on the day of Lidong has slowly passed down. Up to today, although our living standards have been greatly improved and we don't need to make special supplements, we are still willing to have a bowl of dumplings on this day, enjoy delicious food and appreciate the inheritance of culture.

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