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What time is the light snow in 2020? 4:28 on November 22

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

has entered winter after the beginning of winter in China, and light snow is the solar term after the beginning of winter. When the solar term comes, people will know the time. What month, day and hour will light snow be in 2020? Let's get to know each other!

2020年小雪是几月几日几点几分 11月22日4点28分

what time is the light snow in 2020: at 4:28 on November 22, 2020, the ancient book Qunfang spectrum said: "the light snow is cold and will snow, and the ground is not cold and even the snow is not heavy." that is to say, in the "light snow" solar term, due to the cold weather, the form of precipitation changes from rain to snow, but at this time, due to "the ground is not very cold" Therefore, there are few times of snow, and the amount of snow is not large, so it is called light snow. "Light snow" is a festival reflecting weather phenomena. The snow is small and there is no snow on the ground, which is the original meaning of the solar term "light snow". Light snow, like rain, grain rain and other solar terms, is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation. In the light snow solar term, a relatively stable meridional circulation has been established in East Asia. There are often low-pressure or low trough in Siberia. When moving eastward, there will be large-scale cold air going south, and a large-scale gale cooling weather will appear in the east of China. The light snow solar term is a solar term with high activity frequency of cold wave and strong cold air. The light snow solar term does not mean that it must snow, but that in the light snow season, the temperature drops and the temperature drops to the extent that it can snow. However, because the surface temperature is not low enough, even if it falls, the amount of snow will be very small or even No. Therefore, whether it will snow on this day depends on the current weather.

2020年小雪是几月几日几点几分 11月22日4点28分

the classic poem of light snow in the solar term "light snow" (Dai shulun) flowers and snow are not tired of watching with the wind, and more are willing to lose Lin Luan. Worried people are under the book window, flying cold.

moor at Jingxi river at night (Chen Yu) the light snow is clear, the reed leaves are dark, the long wave is sudden, and the crane hisses. A lone boat sleeps in running water all night and sees the moon falling on the mountain.

light snow (zuohe River) the first snow in Taihang brings cold wind and withers all the way to Ganting. Chrysanthemums wither and plum trees move in the East fence. Only then can we know that the earth turns sunny.

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