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Explanation of the three syndromes of traditional diet on the day of cold dew

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is somewhat strange when people talk about the cold dew solar term, but this solar term belongs to the autumn solar term. People will prepare some celebrations during the cold dew. What is the traditional diet on the cold dew day? What is the explanation of cold dew? Let's analyze it together!

寒露那天的传统饮食 三候的解释

the traditional diet of cold dew on that day, chrysanthemum wine cold dew is close to the Double Ninth Festival. At this time, chrysanthemums are in full bloom. In order to eliminate autumn dryness, some areas have the custom of drinking "chrysanthemum wine". Together with climbing, this custom gradually moves to the Double Ninth Festival. Chrysanthemum wine is brewed from Chrysanthemum with glutinous rice and distiller's yeast. It was called "longevity wine" in ancient times. It tastes cool and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing liver, brightening eyes, strengthening brain and delaying aging.

one of the customs of crab cold dew is to eat crabs. The ancients poem day: "the navel in September is pointed in October, and the chrysanthemum day is drunk with pincers." there is also a folk proverb of "nine females and ten males". Crab meat is delicate and delicious. It is a top-grade precious aquatic product. Crab is also very nutritious. The content of protein is several times higher than that of pork and fish, and the content of calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A is also high. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that river crab is cold and salty. It has the effects of clearing heat and dispersing knot, dredging pulse and nourishing Yin, tonifying liver and kidney, producing lean marrow, harmonizing stomach and digestion, radiating heat and dredging collaterals, strengthening muscles and bones, etc. Boiled crab is the most original in steamed, with high nutritional value.

sesame cold dew, the weather changes from cool to cold. According to the four seasons health preservation theory of traditional Chinese medicine "Yang in spring and summer and Yin in autumn and winter". At this time, people should nourish yin, prevent dryness, moisten lung and benefit stomach. Therefore, the folk custom of "cold dew eating sesame" came into being. In Beijing, sesame related foods have become popular before and after the cold dew, such as sesame crisp, sesame mung bean cake, sesame cake, etc. Sesame is divided into white sesame and black sesame. White sesame is better for eating and black sesame is better for medicine. White sesame is usually called "sesame", and the word "black" of "black sesame" cannot be omitted and is not redundant.


flower cakes are called "Ci Qing" because the weather is getting colder and the trees, flowers and plants are about to wither. To climb the mountain in September, you have to eat flower cakes. Because "high" is homonymous with "cake", Yingjie cake is called "Double Ninth Festival flower cake", which means "rise step by step". Flower cakes mainly include "coarse flower cake", "fine flower cake" and "money flower cake".


persimmon folk proverbs say that "at the beginning of autumn, walnuts, Bailu pears and cold dew persimmons have red skin." soft and waxy persimmons don't mature until autumn. They have sweet and astringent fruit taste and cold nature. They enter the lungs, spleen and stomach to clear away heat and moisten the lungs. Its vitamin and sugar content is one to two times higher than that of ordinary fruits. It can nourish the lung, protect the stomach, remove dry fire. Regular consumption can tonify deficiency, relieve cough, benefit the intestines and remove heat.


people who drink cold dew tea say that "the tea of the year lies in autumn". In this increasingly autumn weather, when they are free, they hold a cup of hot tea to warm their body and heart, and cold dew solar terms should drink a cup of cold dew tea. The so-called cold dew tea refers to the tea collected three days before and four days after the cold dew solar term, also known as "Zhengqiu tea". In cold dew season, adhere to reasonable drinking and tasting tea, which can not only warm and nourish the body and mind, but also have no disturbance of dry fire. It can not only keep warm, but also nourish the stomach, help digestion, prevent colds and other diseases. The health care effect is quite powerful. You might as well try it. Explanation of

寒露那天的传统饮食 三候的解释

three seasons of cold dew guest: after the cold dew solar term, you can see that the geese in the sky move south in groups, sometimes in a straight line and sometimes in a straight line. Birds enter the flood as clams: the weather enters late autumn, and the cold begins to force people. Birds and birds hide. There are many clams on the beach. The stripes and colors of shells are similar to birds, so the ancients thought that clams were turned by birds. Chrysanthemum has Huang Hua: it is said that when the cold dew is coming to an end, the chrysanthemums all over the mountains seem to make an appointment. They are in full bloom overnight, smearing a glimmer of vitality on the desolate late autumn.

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