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How does Xiaohan mean to keep warm in 2021

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after the winter solstice, we will usher in a colder solar term, the small cold solar term. At this solar term, the most important thing for people is to keep warm. What does the small cold solar term mean in 2021? How to keep warm? Let's get to know the old yellow calendar together!

2021年24节气小寒的意思 如何保暖

in the 24 solar terms of 2021, small cold means cold, and small cold means the degree of cold. As the saying goes, "cold in March and September". The "three Nineties" are mostly from January 9 to 17, which is also within the Xiaohan solar term. But this is only a general rule. In a few years, the severe cold may be colder than the minor cold. In ancient times, people attached great importance to Xiaohan. For example, in Xiaohan season, northerners would eat boiled vegetables, mainly warm food. However, with the changes of the times, it has gradually faded, but we should pay attention to proper health preservation and warmth in our daily life.

2021年24节气小寒的意思 如何保暖

how does Xiaohan keep warm 1. We all know that keeping warm feet is very important. Although feet support the "building" of the human body, they are far away from the heart, blood circulation is easy to be affected, and the subcutaneous fat layer is thin, the temperature keeping performance is poor, and they are easy to get cold.

2. The head is warm. Most of the human meridians converge on the head. The head is not protected. Just like a thermos without a lid, the Yang Qi in the body is most likely to dissipate. Therefore, it is necessary to wear a suitable hat when going out in winter.

3. Warm the neck, take the head, and then the trunk of the body. It can be called a very important part of the human body. When the neck of the human body gets cold, it may lead to local vasoconstriction, and the blood quickly reduces


. 5. The ear is warm. Although the volume of the ear is small, it has a large area in contact with the air, and the heat is easy to dissipate. Moreover, "the ear is gathered by the ancestral veins", and all the twelve meridians pass through the ear. Therefore, when you go out in winter, you must "put on" a warm coat for them.

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