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Which month in 2020 is the winter solstice December 21

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winter solstice is a traditional festival in China. In the south, the winter solstice is also a festival of sacrifice, but at the same time, the winter solstice is also the twenty-four solar terms in China. What month and day is the winter solstice in 2020? What is the warm blessing of the circle of friends in the winter solstice? Let's get to know each other together!

2020年几月几日是冬至 12月21日

what month is the winter solstice in 2020: Monday, December 21, 2020, the seventh day of the winter month. On the winter solstice, the Sun runs to 270 ° of the Yellow longitude (winter solstice point). The position where the sun shines directly on the ground reaches the southernmost end of the year. The sun almost shines directly on the Tropic of cancer (also known as the winter solstice), and the sun is most inclined to the northern hemisphere. Therefore, the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year in all parts of the northern hemisphere, and the farther north, the shorter the day. North of the Arctic Circle, the sun is below the horizon all day, making it the most extensive day of polar night in the northern hemisphere. For all parts of the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice is also the day with the lowest noon sun height all year round. As far as Beijing is concerned, the day on the winter solstice is only 9 hours and 20 minutes, and the noon sun height is only 26 ° 42 '. On the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere receives the least solar radiation, about 50% less than the southern hemisphere. The winter solstice festival begins with a new year. The collection of zajing hall contains "the equinox at the end of summer, the birth of spring and the winter solstice". The winter solstice festival is also the precursor of spring. After the winter solstice, the night sky astrology is completely replaced by the winter sky, and from today on, it will "enter nine". At this time, the southern hemisphere is in the hot midsummer.


the circle of friends in the winter solstice. Warm blessings. Cover the quilt in cold weather, fill in your stomach when you are hungry, have some fun when you are busy, and take good care of your body when you are tired. Smile is the most beautiful look, and happiness is the best day. The winter solstice blesses you for a while. May your friends be lucky all their life! The winter solstice, the longest night, may your life be beautiful; Winter solstice comes, send care, wish your health in; On the winter solstice, pass on love. I wish you warmth, comfort and good luck throughout the winter. When the winter solstice comes, the air temperature drops. Wear more clothes and don't be arrogant. Exercise more and be healthy, warm your stomach and intestines, drink more soup, often laugh, feel happy, sweet and auspicious, and send text messages. This year's winter solstice comes again. May you be happy, auspicious, happy and healthy!

2020年几月几日是冬至 12月21日

Winter Solstice Festival, please eat a plate of "perfect" dumplings: a sincerity, a trace of affection, some good luck, a little relaxed, a smile, a warm family, a pile of sweetness, a beauty, a warm life and a happy life. May you be perfect and round all your life! I wish you a happy winter solstice! Winter solstice, let the lights of friendship warm your heart; Let the candle of friendship light up your life; Let the greetings of friends warm your heart: May you be well at the winter solstice, happy every day, happy and good luck forever! The winter solstice, the days are getting longer and longer, lengthening the missing and increasing the concern; The night is getting shorter and shorter, which shortens the heart distance and deepens friendship; When the winter solstice comes, I wish you a happy winter solstice. Happiness depends on the winter solstice solar terms. Blessing comes first; Wind up wechat, just send it; If you are busy, don't go back; I miss you, just know; Far away you, smooth on the line; Remember to think of me occasionally; After reading it, just smile. Happy winter solstice, dear!

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