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What is the meaning of Xiaohan followed by Dahan in January 2021? Poems describing solar terms

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small cold is the solar term after the winter solstice in China, and the time of small cold is also in the number of nine days, and the number of nine days is the coldest time of the year. What does it mean to connect small cold with great cold in January 2021? What are the poems about Xiao Han's solar terms? Let's understand this solar term with the old yellow calendar!

2021年一月小寒接大寒是什么意思 描写节气的相关诗词

in January 2021, what is the meaning of "little cold and big cold freeze together". The temperature in most parts of China from the solar term of "little cold" to "big cold" is the lowest in the whole year, "March 9 and April 9 walk on the ice" and "walk on the street, lose money" and other ancient folk proverbs, All describe the cold of this season. Due to the low temperature, wheat, fruit trees, melons and vegetables, livestock and poultry are vulnerable to cold. It sounds that the little cold is smaller than the big cold. It seems that the big cold is colder than the little cold. In fact, for China, the little cold marks the beginning of the coldest day of the year. According to the meteorological data, slight cold is the lowest solar term, and the temperature of severe cold in only a few years is lower than that of slight cold. The great cold after the solar term of light cold is also very cold, and the great cold in winter just corresponds to the great heat in summer, so it is called great cold.


describe Xiao Han's solar term poetry Dou yuan's drunken five quatrains (Chen Yuyi) the east wind blows rain, Xiao Han is born, willows fly flowers are disorderly, and the evening is fine. The guest son is hateful from now on. There is a warbler in Dou's home.


in the small cold food boat (Du Fu) Jiachen is strong, the food is still cold, and there is a few depression with a babbler crown. Spring boats sit in the sky and old flowers look in the fog. Juan Juan plays with butterflies passing through the leisure curtain and light gulls flying under the rapids. Yunbai mountain is more than ten thousand miles green. I worry that the straight north is Chang'an.

2021年一月小寒接大寒是什么意思 描写节气的相关诗词

morning hair under bamboo (Fan Chengda) ends the morning makeup, breaks the cold, and talks across the saddle. Line blunt thin light mist, look at the heavy overlapping mountains. Bisui cooking smoke when the tree is straight, and the green streaked stream takes advantage of Qiaowan. The pure birds sing like greeting guests. They are feeling without thinking.

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