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September opening auspicious day query auspicious day 2020

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The opening of

refers to new stores, etc., and people will carefully choose a suitable auspicious day for such important things. What is the inquiry of the auspicious day of opening in September? What is the good day for opening in September 2020? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

九月开业吉日查询 大吉的好日子2020

opened in September on the auspicious day of the zodiac 2020, September 7 of the Gregorian calendar, and on Monday, July 20 of the lunar calendar, Chongyang (Ding Wei) Shadong [today's best]: marry a car maker, install machinery, offer sacrifices, pray for blessings, make incense, go out on fire, open business, set up vouchers, repair and move [today's taboo] On September 11, 2020, on Friday, July 24 of the lunar calendar, Chong Zhu (1911) Sha Dong [today's best]: ask for an heir to carve and marry the upper beam of the alliance, discharge water, migrate into the house, build a warehouse, open a pool, and hang a plaque [today's taboo]: funeral and burial

on September 16, 2020, the Gregorian calendar, and on Wednesday, July 29, the lunar calendar, Chonglong (Bingchen) Shabei [today's best]: go out and lift the crown hairpin carving, build the earth, raise the foundation, beam and ridge and settle the bed, migrate to the house, start planting [today's taboo]: build a temple, settle the door, and bury


"On September 17, 2020 of the Gregorian calendar, on the first and Thursday of August of the lunar calendar, chongshe (Ding SI) Shaxi [today's best]: plastic painting trip, lifting the crown hairpin clothing plaque, opening the kitchen and mending the wall [today's taboo]: No"


"" 九月开业吉日查询 大吉的好日子2020 ""


"on September 19, 2020 of the Gregorian calendar, on the third and Saturday of August of the lunar calendar, Chongyang (Jiwei) Shadong [what's appropriate today]: relatives and friends of the sacrificial meeting accept the wedding of plastic painted zhaijiao An Xiang, set up a voucher, remove the clothes, bury the coffin and move the coffin [what's prohibited today]: logging


in the house, Chonggou (Renshu) Shanan [what's appropriate today] on September 22, 2020, the sixth day of August, the Gregorian calendar and Tuesday : sacrificial plastic painting trip, cancellation of engagement, marriage, demolition of Ji'an bed, house opening and mortuary transaction [what should be avoided today]: building a bridge, building a crown hairpin roof and digging a well


on September 23, 2020, Wednesday, the seventh day of August of the lunar calendar, Chongzhu (Guihai) Shadong [what should be done today] : sacrificial ceremony relatives and friends opening [today's taboo]: Funeral


opening auspicious tips: the above contents are based on the traditional opening day. It is suggested that individuals can select auspicious days on auspicious days in combination with their own eight characters of birth date, fortune, happiness and taboo. For more details, please select [auspicious day for opening] below, Understand the good opening days in line with yourself.

opening blessings 1. I wish you: open the door to welcome visitors from all over the world and look up to welcome the wealth of the world. Enjoy prosperity every year and success every month. The opening is auspicious and makes great progress every day. 2. When you open your business, your old friend will give you a "fortune gun". When you pull the trigger, you will have a blessing: 888, fortune, may your business be prosperous, fortune developed, and fortune to the world bank is your home, hahaha. 3. I wish you a prosperous career with a wide range of financial resources and warm wishes for prosperity. On this beautiful day, I wish you a prosperous business, a good start and all the best. 4. The singing of firecrackers is to help you open the door to success; The gathering of friends and guests is a gathering of wealth stars for you; The congratulatory message is a symbol of wishing you a prosperous business; My friend, I wish you a smooth opening and a brilliant business from now on! 5. On this festive day, I wish you happy guests from all over the world; Kunpeng spreads his wings and plans great undertakings: great fortune, great ambition, great family and great cause; Money is rolling, everything is fine. 6. I wish you a prosperous opening. I wish you a prosperous fortune like spring tide, a rolling fortune, a prosperous fortune like summer, a prosperous business like a red maple welcoming autumn, and money like snow. I wish you prosperity in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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