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How about September 6, 2020, July 19 of the lunar calendar

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Chinese people pay attention to a good start, so the opening date on the first day is particularly important, which may affect subsequent business. Then let's take a look with the old yellow calendar to see if the opening date is September 6, 2020, July 19 of the lunar calendar? okay?

开张好日子 2020年9月6日农历七月十九怎样

September 6, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: July (small) 19, 2020 lunar calendar: January 18, 1442 year old: year of gengzi year a Shen month Renzi day duty star God: Qinglong (lucky star) holding position: fixed sun Chong: Chong MA (Bingwu) Zhanfang, the fetal God of Shanan: the five elements in the Northeast outside the warehouse: sangzhemu Pengzu's Taboos: it's more difficult for the union not to draw water. It's more difficult to be wary of the son not asking for divination. The auspicious God should tend to: the moon's virtue, the moon's grace, the four phases of the sun, the Yin's virtue, the blessing and the people's day, the green dragon's three in one barking dog to


, 开张好日子 2020年9月6日农历七月十九怎样,


What's the best day to open? Is July 19 of the lunar calendar on September 5, 2020 suitable for today: opening sacrifices to ask for heirs, cutting wood, making beams, burning and dismantling today's taboo: shipbuilding, ship repair and earth breaking


according to the old yellow calendar, it can be opened on July 19 of the lunar calendar on September 6, 2020. Tips on opening auspicious days: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of the traditional opening day. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [opening auspicious days] below to understand the good opening days that are consistent with your own destiny. Taboos on the first day of opening of


new stores (1) the store door should not be too small: it is too small to accept gas (2) the sound will affect popularity: don't play deafening music (3) there are taboos on the counter: it should not be placed at the exit (4) the color of the store should be appropriate: it should not be set arbitrarily (5) the stairs should not be directed directly: the escalator should not

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