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Which day is the opening day in August of the lunar calendar? Which days are the opening auspicious days 2020

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in life, when doing some important things, people will look through the Yellow calendar to find some better days. The time of good days is different every month. So when is the opening day in August of the lunar calendar? Which is the opening auspicious day 2020 in August of the lunar calendar? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

农历8月开业哪天好 哪些日子是开业吉日2020

opened on the auspicious day of the lunar calendar in August 2020, Saturday, September 19, 2020 [should]: move to start business, get married, get a residence permit, start engagement [avoid]: decorate the ground and place a bed, travel and bury Shangliang tourism [Chong Sha]: Chong Yang On the fourth day of August in the year of gengzi of the lunar calendar, Sunday, September 20, 2020, [Yi]: decorate marriage license, get engaged, bury as a stove, ask for heir to start business [Ji]: move into the house, start to set up a bed, travel Shangliang Kaizhang [Chong Sha]: Chong Monkey (Gengshen) Sha North

on the sixth day of August (the sixth day of the gengzi year of the lunar calendar, Tuesday, September 22, 2020, A.D. [should]: decoration and opening, marriage license, starting to move to the house, setting up a bed, engagement and burial, Shangliang opening [avoid]: moving into the house, an Xiang migrating, logging and building a house, crown hairpin [Chong Sha]: Chong Gou (Renshu) Shanan


On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, the seventh day of August (the seventh day of the gengzi year of the lunar calendar, [Yi]: move, decorate, start business, get married, get married, start work, travel and get engaged [taboo]: enter the house and set up a bed, pray for blessings, accept livestock, cut wood, eat and celebrate, sue for separation [Chong Sha]: Chong pig (HAI) Sha Dong


“ Thursday, October 1, 2020, the 15th day of August (the 15th day of the gengzi year of the lunar calendar [Yi]: start business, get married, start school, pray for heirs, pray for sacrifices, open the market and accept wealth [taboo]: move and decorate, move into the house, make land and bed, travel and build Shangliang tourism [Chong Sha]: Chong Yang (Xinwei) Sha Dong


August 18, the eighth year of the gengzi lunar calendar, October 4, 2020, Sunday [Yi]: move, decorate, start business, get married, enter the house, get a license, start moving, set up a bed, travel, get engaged and bury [avoid]: go to the post of livestock logging, build a house, open a warehouse, buy a boat [Chong Sha]: Chong Gou (Jiashu) Sha Nan

On Monday, October 5, 2020, August 19, the year of gengzi of the

lunar calendar, Monday [Yi]: move, decorate, start business, get a marriage license, start the ground, travel and get engaged [taboo]: enter the house, put in a bed, bury Shangliang, break the ground, pray for livestock, cut wood and celebrate the festival [Chong Sha]: Chong pig (Yihai) Sha Dong“ Kdspe ""

"Sunday, October 11, 2020, August 25, the year of the gengzi of the lunar calendar [Yi]: opening for marriage, getting a house permit, starting to set up a bed, starting to travel, starting a cooking stove [taboo]: moving, decorating, breaking the ground, getting engaged, burying, breaking the ground, building and praying for blessings and sacrifices [Chong Sha]: Chong snake (Xinsi) Tips on lucky opening of Shaxi


: the above contents are compiled from the basis of traditional opening day selection. It is recommended that individuals further choose lucky opening by combining the five elements, eight characters, likes and dislikes and other fortune information. For more details, you can select [lucky opening day] below, and a good opening day matching their own fortune.

农历8月开业哪天好 哪些日子是开业吉日2020

" Good luck in business opening classic sentence 1. Good luck in business opening, good business, wide gathering of friends, reasonable management, rolling financial resources, concerted efforts from top to bottom, full of prosperity, happy faces and making a fortune as soon as possible. Congratulations to your friends on opening a shop. May your career be happy, rich and auspicious. 2. Today is a good day. It is a good day, with great luck in opening a business, rolling financial resources and good luck. From then on, you have entered the world Boss's life. Yesterday's accumulation, tomorrow's expectation, and today's hard work. Full of happiness and a friendly face, you will make a lot of profits from now on. 3. On a happy day, you are very healthy, grasp happiness, feel happy, open a shop happily, open a shop happily, fly happily, open a shop brilliantly, go far brilliantly, open a shop successfully and grow wildly. I wish you open a shop Happy is everything.

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