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What are the auspicious days of the lunar August opening? What are the good days

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when we get married, the day we will choose is called auspicious day. In fact, in addition to marriage, there are some important things. People will also choose some auspicious days. What are the auspicious days when the lunar August opens? What are the good days in August of the lunar calendar? Next, let's follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and have a look!

农历八月开张黄道吉日是哪几天 有什么好日子2020

what are the auspicious days for the opening of the lunar calendar in August 2020? On Monday, September 21, 2020, Chongji (Xinyou) Shaxi, August 9, 2020, and Friday, September 25, 2020, chongniu (Yichou) Shaxi, August 17, 2020, On Saturday, October 3, 2020 in Gregorian calendar, Chongji (Guiyou) Shaxi


opened on Thursday, October 15, 2020 in Gregorian calendar. Tips for auspicious luck: the above relevant contents are sorted out from the traditional old yellow calendar. It is suggested to further select the suitable auspicious day in combination with the relevant information of personal numerology, five elements, eight characters and so on, For more details, you can select [opening day] below to find out the corresponding opening day.

农历八月开张黄道吉日是哪几天 有什么好日子2020

blessings for the opening 1, "open" the wealth of the world, "Zhang" the blessing of the people, "great" the cause of all directions, "auspicious" the cause of all generations! On this good opening day, send sincere wishes. May everything go well and business prosper! 2. Diligence achieves ideals and self-confidence casts brilliance. May your ideal start from today and your glory start from now on. May your business be prosperous, good luck and money never be spent. 3. The business is prosperous and connects all over the world. You can fly to the clouds and show your ambition. The wealth reaches the three rivers, and the deep water of the river is far away. You can swim to the Dragon Palace to reproduce the king's style! 4. Today is a festive day. I wish you a prosperous business and prosperity. The wealth is abundant and reaches all directions. Good luck in your career. Every day, every day, every day. Business has been booming since then. 5. It's a great joy to open a shop. Six six six six. Go forward with the wind and water; The opening is auspicious. In August, HENGFA Longfa; Open a big music, 99, good luck, wealth to eternity. I wish you a prosperous business! 6. Listen to the world news and say that the world is polite. Read, the world is rich, write, the world is lucky, and send the world good luck. Business is information extending in all directions. I wish you great ambitions and more joy. 7. Xiangruyi is covered and protected by wealth. The God of wealth is watching. All gods hold the field. It's strange not to send small samples. I wish the source of wealth to reach the three rivers, the business is prosperous, the world is connected and the business is successful!

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