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How about September 2, 2020, July 15 of the lunar calendar

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The commencement of

means that we have to start working to make money. In fact, the commencement date will affect our financial luck. A good commencement auspicious day will make our career go more smoothly. So which day is the auspicious day of commencement? Now let's tell you whether September 2, 2020 is the auspicious day of construction on July 15 of the lunar calendar!

开工吉日速查 2020年9月2日农历七月十五怎么样

September 2, 2020 lunar calendar query: Wednesday, the 15th day of July in the year of gengzi today's eight characters: gengzi Jia Shen Wu Shen RI Lu: Geng life enters Lu Shen life mutual Lu auspicious God orientation: joy God: Southeast blessing God: due north God of wealth: due north today's fetal God: East in the warehouse toilet today's auspicious star: Heaven's virtue and heaven's forgiveness tiancang Tianxi Kill God today: when the moon is built, the earth house is five days away from the prison. It's the day Chong Sha: monkey RI Chong (ren Yin) tiger Sui Sha Nan Peng Zu's taboo: Wu Bu Tian Shen doesn't have a bed. Lucky star: Yi Guixin orders the finance official to seal Lu Zai. Shen Ziyou orders three Six Harmonies purple and white nine stars: four green

开工吉日速查 2020年9月2日农历七月十五怎么样

Quick check on the auspicious day of commencement September 2, 2020 how about the 15th day of July of the lunar calendar? Today's appropriate: Tiande, Tianhe and tiancang Tianxi will not get rid of God's Taboos today: breaking the ground to buy property, digging wells and setting up beds


according to the old yellow calendar, September 2, 2020 is suitable for commencement on the 15th day of July of the lunar calendar. Tips for lucky start: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of traditional lucky start date selection. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [lucky start date] below to learn about the good start date consistent with your own destiny.


have a good start. The blessings are brief. 1. The business exhibition has a grand plan, and the financial resources add joy. I wish you happiness, happiness and opportunities. Customers are like floods, praise like tides, more auspicious life, more healthy days, more wonderful future and more brilliant life. 2. Today's commencement is auspicious. Look at the information. There is a miracle. Wealth never leaves. Good luck brings good luck. Happiness comes. It's sweet and auspicious. I wish business prosperity and happiness! 3. Weave a flower basket with great luck and Xinglong, make a box of firecrackers with success and prosperity, and write a congratulatory message with blessings and wishes; I wish you good luck in starting your new store, prosperous business, smooth progress and success to the end!

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