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How about October 1, 2020, August 15 of the lunar calendar

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is the annual Mid Autumn Festival on August 15 of the lunar calendar. This day also represents reunion. This year, it happens to hit the National Day on October 1. Whether the two major festivals are suitable for opening? You need to check the old yellow calendar to know. So hurry to check the auspicious day of opening, and select the Yellow calendar. Is it good to start on August 15 of the lunar calendar on October 1, 2020?

开业黄历挑选 2020年10月1日农历八月十五好不好

October 1, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: August 15, 2020 Gregorian calendar: October 1, 2020, trunk and branch: year of gengzi, month B, Ding Chou RI Xiang Chong: Niu RI Chong (Xin Wei) Yang Sui Sha: Sui Sha East duty God: Mingtang (Zodiac day) The five elements of the day: good and bad in the stream, God and evil: good God, Zodiac day, Lord good. Jianxing holds the position: the little ecliptic, the main auspicious.


, 开业黄历挑选 2020年10月1日农历八月十五好不好,


start their business in the Yellow calendar. Select October 1, 2020, August 15 of the lunar calendar. What's appropriate for today: sacrifice for opening, pray for blessings and bathing. What's taboo today: planting real estate, digging wells and shipbuilding


can be seen from the old yellow calendar, On October 1, 2020, the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar is suitable for business opening and other matters. Tips for business opening and auspicious timing: the above contents only refer to the Yellow calendar, based on the benefits of time, place and people, supplemented by the calculation of eight characters, five elements, nine stars and three walls, to deeply analyze the relationship between the prosperity and decline of Caixing and its role. For more details, you can select the following [auspicious opening day] to learn the auspicious opening time that is in line with your own destiny.

expand reading: opening blessing words 1. Today is a good day, with great success and profits, rolling financial resources and good luck. From then on, we have stepped into the boss's life. Yesterday's accumulation, tomorrow's expectation, and today's hard work. Filled with joy and a kind face, he will make a lot of profits from now on. 2. The sound of firecrackers is your declaration of independence; A red carpet is your invitation to customers and friends; A fresh flower basket is your promise; A new store is the beginning of your dream to take off; I wish you good luck in opening your new store.

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