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What are the good days for construction in October 2020? What are the good days

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means to start work, and people also attach great importance to the time of commencement, and will carefully choose an appropriate auspicious day. What are the good days for commencement in October 2020? What is the auspicious day in October 2020? Next, follow the old yellow calendar of this issue to see the auspicious day of construction!

2020年十月开工好日子有哪些 大吉的日子是哪一天

what are the good days to start construction in October 2020? Saturday, October 3, 2020, August 16, 2020, Chongji (Guiyou) Shaxi, October 15, 2020, Thursday, August 28, 2020, Chongji (Yiyou) Shaxi, October 26, 2020, Monday, On the 10th day of September 2020 of the lunar calendar, Chonghou (bingshen) Shabei, Tuesday, October 27, 2020 of the Gregorian calendar, and September 11, 2020 of the lunar calendar, Chongji (Dingyou) Shaxi


started to choose auspicious days. Tips: the above contents should not be sorted out from the general book of the traditional yellow calendar. It is suggested to select auspicious days in combination with relevant information such as the eight characters of personal birthday and auspicious time, For more details, you can select [auspicious commencement date] below to know the auspicious commencement date in line with your own destiny.

2020年十月开工好日子有哪些 大吉的日子是哪一天

start sending auspicious words from the circle of friends. 1. Send you an auspicious fruit basket, and the low-level installation is smooth; In the middle, the financial resources are rolling; Surrounded by wealth and auspiciousness; It's covered with success and happiness forever! Good luck! 4. I'm glad to hear that your store is under construction. I'd like to paste good luck on your door. I'd like to open the door and hang good luck on the windows. I'd like to make money every day and hang festivity on the roof. I'd like to keep making money. I'd like to give you a short message. I'd like to have a prosperous business. 5. A wide range of financial resources and booming business. Good luck! 6. Gongs and drums come out for celebration, firecrackers are released for auspiciousness, flower baskets are full of wishes, your store starts work, and old friends come to congratulate you. I wish you a rolling source of money and booming business! 7. Congratulations on the start of the project. I wish you every day and fill your warehouse; Monthly profit, busy counting money; Every year, the door is prosperous. It is prosperous every minute and prosperous every second. 8. My friend, looking at your face, I know you are a good material for doing business: a pair of bright eyes illuminate the way of "money" and the future; A smiling face welcomes guests from all over the world; A jade hand, like a Lucky cat, can make money quickly! Oh, my friend, I wish you good luck!

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