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Which day of the lunar calendar is the characteristic of temperature and climate

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what keywords can you think of about autumn? First of all, to enter autumn, we must go through the beginning of autumn. "Establishment" is the beginning. Entering the beginning of autumn, we smoothly transition from summer to autumn. Maybe the residual temperature in summer still exists at this time, which makes people feel the breath of autumn. However, as long as the beginning of autumn is over, the heat will slowly be farther and farther away from us.

立秋节气是农历哪一天 气温与气侯特点

which day is the beginning of autumn

is the 13th of the 24 solar terms and the first solar term in autumn. August 7 or 8 every year.

the temperature and climate of the beginning of autumn

and "the cool wind comes on the day of the beginning of autumn" clearly link the beginning of autumn with the cool day. It can be seen that the beginning of autumn is the beginning of cool autumn. Due to different latitudes and altitudes, it is impossible to enter autumn at the same time. According to the climatological standard that the average temperature of the climate (5 days) is between 10 ℃ and 22 ℃ in spring and autumn, in China, except for those places with north latitude and high altitude, the beginning of autumn is mostly not autumn and is still in summer. Even in most parts of the northeast, there is no autumn scenery with cool wind and yellow leaves. For the Sichuan basin located in the middle subtropical zone, the summer heat is still heavy in August all year round. The statistics of climate data show that the basin will not enter autumn until the middle and late September; It is impossible to say when autumn will begin in Plateau and alpine areas where winter is all year round or there is no summer in winter and spring and autumn are connected. After the beginning of autumn, the field management of late rice jointing and booting, cotton boll cracking and boll opening in the basin of our province should not be relaxed at all; When mid season rice and summer maize enter the stage of grain filling maturity, we should beware of the hazards of hail, strong wind and rainstorm. In the East and west of the basin, we should continue to do a good job in drought resistance and flood control respectively. In the basin after the beginning of autumn, although the season is still in midsummer, a golden "autumn" is coming.

three seasons of

cool wind at the beginning of autumn: when the wind blows, people will feel cool. At this time, the wind is different from the hot wind in summer.


White Dew: there will be fog on the earth in the morning.

cold cicadas chirp: cold cicadas that feel cloudy and chirp in autumn also begin to chirp.

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