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Summer heat is the characteristic of temperature and climate on which day of the lunar calendar

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summer is so warm and unrestrained compared with the other three seasons in the four seasons. It seems that you want to consume all your energy and enthusiasm in just a few months. Heatstroke is the hottest period of the year. It can be understood that this is the most enthusiastic solar term in the four seasons. Friends who like summer can understand the season of heatstroke.

大暑是农历哪天 大暑气温与气侯特点

time of great heat

great heat, one of the twenty-four solar terms and the last solar term in summer. Between July 22 and 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year.

temperature climate characteristics

summer heat means hot. It shows that it is the hottest solar term in a year. Generally speaking, the summer solar term is the period with the most sunshine and the highest temperature in the basin in a year. It is the period with the most abundant rain, the most common thunderstorms and the most concentrated high-temperature days above 30 ℃ in the west of the basin. It is also the period with the most frequent high-temperature above 35 ℃ in the east of the basin. The high temperature before and after the summer heat is a normal manifestation of the climate, because the high temperature is conducive to the flowering and filling of spring crops, but the high temperature inhibits the growth of crops and significantly reduces the seed setting rate of rice. After the western part of the basin is buried, light, heat and water are at the peak of a year. The three promote each other to form good climatic conditions for the growth of spring crops, but attention should be paid to flood control and drainage. At this time, high temperature and long sunshine in the eastern part of the basin are often accompanied by less rain, which will not only limit the exertion of the advantages of light and heat, but also aggravate the adverse impact of the summer drought on spring crops. In order to resist the summer drought, in addition to paying attention to water storage in the early stage, crop cultivation measures should be improved according to the climatic characteristics of the eastern part of the basin, based on "early" in order to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. The hot summer is the season when jasmine and lotus are in full bloom. The jasmine with refreshing fragrance, the hotter the weather, the stronger the fragrance, giving people the enjoyment of cleanliness and fragrance. The noble lotus is not afraid of the scorching sun and showers. It opens in the morning and gathers in the evening. The poet praises it as "the lotus is so red against the sun". The vibrant midsummer is pregnant with a bumper harvest.

three seasons of the great heat

rotten grass is Fireflies: the ancients believed that fireflies were changed from rotten grass at this time of year.

earth moistens the summer heat: the land is very wet.

heavy rain: heavy thunderstorms often occur.

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