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Which day of the lunar calendar is characterized by temperature and climate

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with the gradual strengthening of modern people's concept of health preservation, people pay more and more attention to solar term health preservation. In different solar terms, the temperature and climate are different. People should choose what clothes to wear and what food to eat according to the climate characteristics to achieve the effect of balanced health. Now let's understand the temperature and climate during the summer vacation.

小暑节气是农历哪一天 气温与气侯特点

heatstroke time

heatstroke is the eleventh of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar and the fifth solar term in summer, indicating the official beginning of the summer season. On July 7 or 8 of each year.

heatstroke temperature climate

trees shade, to heatstroke. The average temperature in Sichuan Basin during the light summer is about 26 ℃, which is already midsummer and quite hot, but it is not yet the hottest time. In mid July, the low altitude Valley in the southeast of the basin can begin to have a concentrated period when the daily average temperature is higher than 30 ℃ and the daily maximum temperature is higher than 35 ℃, which is unfavorable to the heading and flowering of hybrid rice. In addition to fully considering this factor in the layout in advance, corresponding remedial measures shall be taken for those already planted. Frost and snow can still be seen in the north of Western Sichuan Plateau, which is equivalent to the scene in early spring of the basin. Before and after the summer heat, the west of the basin enters the season with the most rainstorms. The number of rainstorm days in July and August can account for more than 75% of the whole year, generally about 3 days. In places with large topographic relief, there are often flash floods and even debris flows. However, in the eastern part of the basin, due to the control of subtropical high after a slight heat stroke, it often has sunny and high-temperature weather, and begins to enter the summer drought period. The climatic characteristics of drought in the East and waterlogging in the West in the basin of our province have a great relationship with the abundance and failure of agriculture. Drought resistance and flood control measures must be taken as soon as possible to reduce the harm as far as possible. Before and after the summer heat, all parts of our province entered the season with the most thunderstorms. Thunderstorm is a severe weather phenomenon, often accompanied by strong wind and rainstorm, and sometimes hail, which is easy to cause disasters, so we should also pay attention to prevention.

heatstroke three times

warm wind: there are heat waves in the wind.

Cricket bees live on the wall: crickets begin to gradually move from the field into the courtyard.


Eagle Shizhi: the young eagle, led by the eagle, flew out of the bird's nest and began to learn the technology of flying, killing and hunting.

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