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Which day of the lunar calendar is the summer solstice? Temperature and climate characteristics

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summer solstice literally means that summer has come. The summer solstice in 2021 is on June 21 and May 12 of the lunar calendar, that is, just after the Dragon Boat Festival, the summer solstice comes. The arrival of the summer solstice means that the hot summer season has also come. The time span is up to three months. Let's give you some popular science today about the changes in the surrounding temperature during the summer solstice.

夏至是农历哪天 夏至气温与气侯特点

summer solstice temperature and climate characteristics

on the summer solstice, the sun shines directly on the Tropic of cancer, which is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Most of the days from sunrise to sunset in Sichuan are about 14 hours. Although the summer solstice has the longest day and the highest solar altitude angle, it is not the hottest time of the year. Because the heat near the formation continues to accumulate at this time and does not reach the maximum. After the summer solstice, the agricultural production in the basin of our province entered the period of field management due to the vigorous growth of crops and the rapid growth and spread of weeds and diseases and pests. The plateau pastoral area began the golden season of grass, fertilizer and livestock. At this time, the rainfall in the west of the basin increased significantly, which gradually transformed the distribution situation of more rainfall in the East and less rainfall in the West into more rainfall in the West and less rainfall in the East since spring. If there is a summer drought, it is generally expected to be relieved at this time. In the past 30 years, although the number of large-scale floods in the western basin in late June is small, the degree is relatively serious. Therefore, special attention should be paid to flood control preparation. The summer solstice is the solar term with the largest annual rainfall in the eastern part of the basin. In the future, it is often controlled by the subtropical high, resulting in summer drought. In order to enhance the ability of drought resistance and capture agricultural harvest, it is an important measure to grab and store the rainwater before lodging in these areas. After the summer solstice, the ground is heated strongly and the air convection is strong. Thunder showers are often formed from afternoon to evening. This kind of hot thunderstorm comes and goes quickly, and the rainfall range is small. People call it "summer rain across the farmland". Liu Yuxi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, skillfully borrowed this kind of weather in Sichuan and wrote a famous poem "the sun rises in the East and rains in the west, but there is sunshine in the road". What day is the

summer solstice? The

summer solstice is the arrival of hot summer.

summer solstice is one of the 24 solar terms, which is on June 21 or 22 of the Gregorian calendar every year. After the summer solstice, Yin begins to grow and Yang gradually declines.

at the summer solstice, the Beidou points to B. The solar yellow meridian is 90 °. When the sun is at the "summer solstice" of 90 ° of the Yellow meridian, the sun is almost directly above the Tropic of cancer, and the noon sun in the northern hemisphere is the highest. This day is the longest day and the shortest night in the northern hemisphere. From this day, we enter the hot season, and everything in heaven and earth grows most vigorously at this time. In ancient times, Suxin called this day the northern solstice, which means the day when the sun moved to the northernmost. After the summer solstice, the sun gradually moves south. The days in the northern hemisphere are shorter and longer day by day, and the nights are longer and longer day by day.

summer solstice

antler solution: on the summer solstice, Yin Qi grows and Yang Qi begins to decline, so the positive antlers begin to fall off.


began to chirp: male cicadas beat their wings after the summer solstice because they felt Yin Qi.

Pinellia ternata: Pinellia ternata is a kind of Yin loving herb. It is named because it was born in the swamp or paddy field in midsummer.

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