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Which day of the lunar calendar is the characteristic of temperature and climate

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this year's May 5 of the Gregorian calendar and March 24 of the lunar calendar are the time for the beginning of summer. There are different festivals and customs about the beginning of summer. Some places will eat eggs, some places will eat fresh melons and fruits just listed, and some places will eat rice made of a variety of coarse grains, also known as "beginning of summer rice".

立夏节气是农历哪一天 气温与气侯特点

which day is the beginning of summer

is the seventh of the 24 solar terms and the first solar term in summer. The beginning of summer indicates the change of seasons, usually on May 5 or 6 of the Gregorian calendar.


at the beginning of summer, Dou refers to the southeast. The solar yellow meridian is 45 °. It is the beginning of summer. From then on, everything is prosperous and grand. It is customary to regard the beginning of summer as the most important solar term when the temperature rises significantly, the summer heat is coming, thunderstorms are increasing, and crops enter the peak season.

temperature at the beginning of summer

as the name suggests, the beginning of summer refers to the beginning of summer. However, the temperature is different everywhere, and the time of summer is actually different. According to the climatological standard that the five-day average temperature is higher than 22 ℃ in summer, the south of Sichuan Basin just entered summer before and after the beginning of summer; The temperature in the rest of the basin is about 20 ℃, and it is still in the late spring when "no one asks for falling flowers outside the door, and the green shade is everywhere"; The low-altitude Valley in Southwest Sichuan felt hot in summer as early as mid April, and the temperature reached more than 24 ℃ at the beginning of summer. Yi Wei has the theory of "electric opinion" in Lixia. However, as far as Sichuan is concerned, even in the northwest of the basin with the latest initial thunderstorm, the perennial thunderstorm began in the first and middle of April, and "Dianjian" does not have to wait until the beginning of summer. After the beginning of summer, it is the key period for large-scale planting of medium rice in the basin. The early or late arrival of heavy rain and the amount of rainfall are closely related to agricultural production. At this time, if there is no heavy rain, those farmland without water irrigation will not be able to rake and plant seedlings. According to the statistics of climate data, the beginning period of multi-year average heavy rain is in mid and late April in the eastern part of the basin, mid and late May in the central part and late May in the western part. The rainfall in May is 100-200 mm in the southeast and 75-100 m in the northwest of the basin. Due to the late start of heavy rain in the West and middle of the basin, the rainfall is less, and there are often summer drought outcrops. During this period, when the basin is harvesting spring crops and planting spring crops, special attention should be paid to the influence of changeable weather. In sunny days, we should rush to harvest in time, and in rainy days, we should pay close attention to planting and planting. Even in cloudy and rainy days, we should beware of sprouting and mildew of the harvest in spring, do a good job in drought resistance and seedling protection, and be alert to the harm of low temperature below 20 ℃ to early rice.

three times at the beginning of summer,

mole sound: you can hear the sound of clams in the field.

earthworm out: see earthworms digging.

Wang guasheng: the vine of Wang Gua began to climb and grow rapidly.

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