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Gu Yu is the temperature and climate characteristics of Gu Yu on which day of the lunar calendar

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Gu Yu is another solar term related to crops. It means that there is sufficient rainfall in this period, which is conducive to the smooth growth of cereal crops. There is a folk saying "before and after Gu Yu, planting melons and beans" shows the importance of "rain" in Gu Yu period. The characteristic foods of Guyu period include black rice, Chinese toon and so on.

谷雨是农历哪天 谷雨气温与气侯特点

Gu Yu time

Gu Yu is the sixth of the 24 solar terms and the last solar term in spring. Between April 19 and 21 of the Gregorian calendar every year.

Valley rain temperature and climate characteristics

as the saying goes: "rain produces hundreds of valleys". With sufficient and timely rainfall, cereal crops can thrive. Gu Yu solar term has such a meaning. In the Sichuan Basin in the valley rain season, "the poplars fall and the rules cry", the catkins fly and fall, the cuckoos cry at night, the peonies spit out their stamens, and the cherries are red and ripe. The natural scenery tells people: it's late spring. At this time, the temperature in the basin rises rapidly. Generally, the average temperature in late April has reached 20 ℃ to 22 ℃ except for some areas in the north and west of the basin, which is more than 2 ℃ higher than that in the middle of April. The east of the basin often has a high temperature of more than 30 in one or two days, which makes people feel hot. The low-altitude Valley in Southwest Sichuan has entered summer. The climatic characteristics of high temperature in spring in the basin are conducive to early crop cultivation measures in spring. The suitable temperature for sweet potato planting is 18 ℃ to 22 ℃, which can be met at this time. The experience in the old arid area of the basin has proved that planting sweet potato early after the valley rain can seal the vine leaves before the summer drought, enhance the drought resistance and obtain high and stable yield. At this time, there is abundant rain in the east of Sichuan Basin. The rainfall in late April is about 30-50 mm. The first heavy rain usually occurs during this period of time, which is beneficial to rice planting and the growth of corn and cotton seedlings. However, most of the rainwater in the rest of the basin is less than 30mm, so irrigation measures need to be taken to reduce the impact of drought. The Western Sichuan Plateau is still in the dry season, and the precipitation is generally only 5 to 20 mm. The rainfall before and after the valley rain in the basin often "sneaks into the night with the wind and moistens things silently", because the "night rain in Bashan" has the most opportunities in April and may. "It often rains at night in Sichuan, and the river sill is clear". This kind of rainy day and sunny day is quite suitable for the growth of crops in spring and the harvest of crops in spring. The

Gu Yu waits for the

Ping to begin to grow: Duckweed begins to grow.


the dove brushed its feathers: the cuckoo began to remind people to sow.

Dai Shengjiang Yu sang: Dai shengbird began to be seen on the mulberry tree.

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