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The Qingming solar term is the characteristic of temperature and climate on which day of the lunar calendar

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now when people talk about "Qingming Festival", the first reaction may be "Qingming Festival". In fact, "Qingming" refers to the sunny weather during this solar term, which is suitable for people to travel. Just during this period, there is Qingming Festival. During Qingming Festival, people in Jiangnan like to eat a kind of green ball made of wormwood.

清明节气是农历哪一天 气温与气侯特点

Qingming time

Qingming, one of the twenty-four solar terms and the fifth solar term in spring. Between April 4 and 5 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Qingming Festival and Qingming Festival have the same meaning.

temperature and climate characteristics of Qingming

Qingming is a solar term representing phenology, which means sunny weather and lush vegetation. On Qingming Day, there are folk customs such as outing, cold food and tomb sweeping. As the saying goes, "snow breaks during the Qingming Festival, and frost breaks during the valley rain." at Qingming Festival, the climate in the basin is warm and spring is strong. However, before and after the Qingming Festival, cold air still invades from time to time, and even makes the daily average temperature lower than 12 ℃ for more than 3 consecutive days, resulting in rotten seedlings of middle rice and dead seedlings of early rice. Therefore, rice sowing and planting should avoid warm tail and cold head. In the Western Sichuan Plateau, livestock have weak resistance due to severe winter and lack of forage. It is necessary to strictly prevent the harm of strong cooling weather after the beginning of spring to old, weak and young livestock. "Rain in succession during the Qingming Festival" is a portrayal of the spring rain in Jiangnan by Du Mu, a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty. However, this is not the case in Sichuan. Especially in the west of the basin, it is often in the period of spring drought. The rainfall in the first ten days of April is generally only 10-20 mm, which is less than half of that in the south of the Yangtze River; Although there is more spring rain in the eastern part of the basin, the rainfall in the first ten days of April is generally only 20-40 mm. The natural precipitation is not enough for agricultural production, and it must be supplemented by water storage years ago. In addition, April is the most hail month of the year in Liangshan Prefecture, so the prevention of hail disaster should be strengthened.

Qingming three times

tongshihua: white Tonghua opens.


voles turn into tambourines: the voles that like Yin are gone.

Rainbow: rainbow can be seen in the sky after rain.

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