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Rain is the characteristic of temperature and climate on which day of the lunar calendar

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Du Fu once wrote in "happy rain on spring night" that "good rain knows the season, when spring happens", it can be seen that spring is a rainy season, especially in the rainy season. This phenomenon is even worse. The rainy period is still early spring, and the temperature is still low at this time. We should pay attention to keep warm and wear more clothes.

雨水是农历哪天 雨水气温与气侯特点

rainwater time

rainwater solar term is the second of the twenty-four solar terms. On February 18-20 of the Gregorian calendar every year (around the 15th day of the first month). The meaning of

temperature and climate characteristics

rain solar term is that rainfall begins and the rainfall increases gradually. In the Yellow River Basin, the origin of the 24 solar terms, the weather is cold before the rain, but snowflakes are flying and the sound of rain is unpleasant. After rain, the temperature can generally rise above 0 ℃, with less snow and more rain. However, in the warm Sichuan Basin, even in the middle of winter, rainfall is not rare. During this period, the average temperature in Sichuan Basin is mostly above 10 ℃. Peach and plum are in bud and cherry flowers are in bloom, so it is really spring in the climate. In addition to individual years, the frost period has also ended. It's time to graft fruit trees and plant trees. After the dry winter, the basin is often dry in spring, especially in the west of the basin. In agriculture, we should pay attention to moisture conservation and timely irrigation, so as to meet the water supply in the critical period of water demand for wheat jointing and booting, rape mossing and flowering. Western Sichuan Plateau is still in dry season, with low air temperature and high wind speed, which is prone to forest fire. In addition, the invasion of cold wave can cause strong cooling and snowstorm, which is very harmful to the old, weak and young animals. All of these should pay special attention to prevention. Time is fleeting and the seasons are reminiscent. "The plan of a year lies in spring". We should pay close attention to the management of spring and the preparation of farmland in spring, and strive to surpass previous years this year.

rain three times

otters sacrifice fish: otters start fishing and put the fish on the bank as if they sacrifice first and then eat.

waiting for Yanbei: geese begin to fly back to the north from the south.

plants sprout: plants begin to sprout with the rising of Yang in the ground.

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