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The sentence of Jingzhe is beautiful. It is suitable for the warm healing short sentence of Jingzhe's circle of friends

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is the third solar term in spring, which means that spring thunder awakens hibernating animals and plants, and everything begins to grow. It is a very important solar term in spring. There are many beautiful short sentences describing hibernating. Today, I have sorted them out for you. You can send them in the circle of friends when you wake up, which will make your friends think you are a person with taste.

惊蛰的句子唯美 适合惊蛰发朋友圈的温暖治愈短句


1. In the season of hibernation, pond frogs sing folk songs for your "happiness"! The branch Orioles call out "a bright future" for you, return to Yanfei, bring you "full of happiness", and sincere friends offer you a "blessing frame": I wish you good luck in your life and a happy sting!

2. Let the vitality of the recovery of all things in spring pass on to you, let the rich fragrance of spring flowers intoxicate you, and let the happiness of spring grass wake you up. In the season of waking insects, may your happiness revive!

3. When the sting comes, the spring breeze comes, and everything goes well. It's warm and happy. The spring breeze comes and rippling. The family is happy, the family is happy, and the body is happy. With the temperature rising, watch the spring, blow the wind and feel happy. I wish you a happy sting.

4. Spring thunder roars, insects "step on" and sprout happily; Spring rain Ding Dong, grass "against" happiness sprouted; A hundred birds crow, swallows 6. When the insects come, the germs also dance wildly. A variety of diseases and influenza are transmitted. Prevent them as soon as possible without delay. The crowd gathered, masks covered, food hygiene can not be ignored. Don't eat contaminated fruits. Protect your health. May you pay attention to hygiene, prevent diseases, be healthy and happy!

Chapter 2

5. Send a blessing, bring a spring breeze, turn a piece of warmth, leave a wish, send a smiling face, borrow a solar term, bring my friendship, may the sting warm up, and health be more satisfactory.

6. Wake up today, send greetings, [wish] deep happiness, [surprise] good luck and welcome new happiness, [sting] has a beautiful and healthy life, smiles on [Festival], calms down, has a lot of leisure and joy, [quick] heart will report good news, and [joy] enjoy every day of life.


7. When the dormant solar term comes, the spring thunder is shaking. I wish you "vigorous and resolute" when the spring thunder is shaking, your work is like "rapid wind and thunder", your promotion and salary increase are "still", your love is like "fire and thunder", and your life is happy "like thunder"!

8. When you wake up, the sun shines. When you have nothing to do, smile more. When you wake up, you have beautiful flowers. You can jump outdoors. When you wake up, I wish you good health. When you wake up, I wish you a blessing. Wechat is full of affection.

9. The solar term of waking insects comes quietly, and the spring thunder sprouts and rings. May the spring thunder shake your reputation and calm the earth; May your career take off like thunder and lightning in spring; May spring thunder shake your love, thunder and lightning; May the spring thunder shake your life happiness and steadfast!

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