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The short sentences of the spring equinox are beautiful. They are suitable for sending warm sentences to the circle of friends

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"the scenery after rain, the weather at the spring equinox. Thousands of flowers and hundreds of flowers compete for beauty." in the spring equinox, the sun is bright, the rain is abundant, the grass grows and the Orioles fly, and hundreds of flowers are in full bloom. Such a great scenery is a good time to go out for an outing and fly kites. In particular, the days and nights on the spring equinox are the same. At the same time, the arrival of the spring equinox also means that the busy spring ploughing and spring planting will begin.

春分的短句唯美 适合春分发朋友圈治愈温暖句子

beautiful sentences about the spring equinox

1. The snow on the spring equinox will soon melt away with the rising sun. The spring snow hanging on the trees along the street reflects the blue sky and Red Mansions, forming beautiful pictures.


2. When the spring equinox comes, the eggs are beautiful. On the day of the spring equinox, there is a custom of "standing eggs" among Chinese people. People stand the eggs upright on the plane and don't let go until they don't fall down. "After the spring equinox, spring wants to go" and "setting an egg" is intended to retain spring and breed auspiciousness.

3. In the "spring equinox" season, the sun is soft and warm, the willows are green, the idle clouds float, the east wind is smiling, the grass is growing and the Orioles fly, the flowers are full of branches, the plum is smoked and the willow is dyed, and the flowers are colorful. In case of spring rain, I put on a light gauze for the new green of the mountains in front of me.

4. The roses curled up in the corner of the wall for a winter have long climbed up the wall by the spring wind and welcomed the blessing of spring with its most delicate new bud.

warm healing sentences suitable for the spring equinox circle of friends

1. The rainbow is the clothes of the sky, brilliant; Season is the pace of time, dancing; Flowers are the earth's smile, charming; Blessing is the sunshine in my heart, warm. It's the spring equinox. May happiness come into your sight and happiness flow into your heart.

2. From the spring equinox to, the season has changed; The days are getting warmer and redder; The long flow of water takes away worries; Sunshine makes you feel better; Flowers cluster, good luck is countless. A year's plan lies in spring. Cherish time and run for the future!

3. The scenery in spring is infinitely good. Keep in mind the secret collection of health preservation. Don't be angry, don't be anxious, look down on everything and laugh. Neighbors help each other, do not quarrel, and live in harmony is the king's way. Go to bed early, get up early, feel good, relax and run. Enjoy the beautiful scenery without worry, the body is great and happy. Wish you a happy Spring Equinox!

4. The wind of the spring equinox dances the miracle of life, the rain of the spring equinox washes away yesterday's troubles, the flowers of the spring equinox bloom the fragrance of happiness, the songs of the spring equinox spread the happy beat, and the blessing of the spring equinox transmits my concern. The spring equinox is coming. May you be happy!

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