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The sentences of Liqiu are beautiful, suitable for the warm healing short sentences of Liqiu's circle of friends

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time passed the solar term, and came to the first solar term in autumn. The autumn leaves of the trees began to fall down, and told us that the autumn with high and cool air was coming. Though the heat was not yet dissipated, it was already evening twilight. A shower of autumn rain would disperse it slowly, and it was called "a cold autumn rain." The following short sentences about aestheticism should be collected quickly. They may come in handy in the beginning of autumn!

立秋的句子唯美 适合立秋发朋友圈的温暖治愈短句

beautiful sentences about the beginning of autumn:

1. Early autumn is always gentle, leaving summer during the day and autumn wind after sunset.

2. It's autumn. Those regrets in summer will be gently dissolved by the autumn wind.

3. It's autumn. Say goodbye to the hot summer and welcome all kinds of beauty in autumn. May you cherish all the unexpected encounters and look down on all the drifting away.

4. Once you turn around, summer has become a story. The past is no longer. I only wish summer regret and autumn are equally divided.

5. It's autumn. May all the regrets in summer become the bedding for surprises in autumn.

a warm healing phrase suitable for Liqiu's circle of friends:

1. When Liqiu arrives, ask hello; Climate change, prevent colds; Less spicy, anti autumn dryness; Lotus seed soup is good for moistening the lungs; Often lick teeth and generate saliva; Suitable for tonic and autumn fat; Have a good attitude and laugh more; Understand health preservation and auspicious mask.

2. When autumn comes, autumn maintenance is the most important. First, take good care of the spleen and stomach, and don't panic in summer and autumn; Then often practice beating your back to replenish your lung qi; When you're free, rub your face often to prevent colds. Keep exercising and don't be lazy. Zhu Liqiu is in good health!

3. The autumn wind is refreshing and cool, with a pleasant mood and joy; Autumn rain is clear and drenched with luck, and happiness, wealth and longevity fall to you; At the harvest time, in the autumn, the work is smooth and good performance. On the day of the beginning of autumn, I wish you all the best!

4. Radish and cabbage, Liqiu's trust, health worship, happy sounds of nature, light and elegant, Liqiu's favorite, not crazy or dry, ordinary mentality, love before and after tea, happy life, favored by people, and pay attention to maintenance at Liqiu.

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