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The twenty-four solar terms represent flower letters

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we all know that there are representative flower letters in the 24 solar terms. Each flower has different growth characteristics. Different flowers bloom in each season, which adds interest to people's life. Today, let's learn about the representative flower letters of the next 24 solar terms, some of which are familiar to us and some are rare in life. Let's have a look.


24 solar terms flower language

Xiaohan: plum blossom, camellia and Narcissus. Great cold: one waiting for Daphne odora, two waiting for orchids, three waiting for alum. Beginning of spring: one waiting for spring, two waiting for cherry, three waiting for spring. Rain: cauliflower, apricot and plum. Sting: peach blossom, Begonia and rose. Vernal equinox: one for Begonia, two for pear flowers, three for Mulan, Qingming: one for Tung flowers, two for wheat flowers, and three for willow flowers. Gu Yu: first, peony, second, millet, and third, neem.

what is the flower trade wind

in ancient times, people found that the germination, leaf growth, flowering, fruit bearing, yellow leaf and leaf falling of plants, and the dormancy, recovery, initial sound, breeding and migration of animals were all restricted by climate change. From winter to spring, there are twenty-four seasons in the eight solar terms from light cold to grain rain. In each season, a kind of flower buds bloom. People call the wind blowing when the flowers bloom "flower trade wind", so there is the saying of "twenty-four flower trade winds". Moreover, the twenty-four Fanhua trade winds not only reflect the natural phenomenon of flowering and season, but also can be used to master the agricultural season.


the twenty-four flower letters, namely twenty-four flower trade winds, also known as twenty-four winds, are the concept of solar terms put forward by the ancients of our country by summarizing the flower events during the period from small cold to valley rain in the twenty-four solar terms. To sum up, after understanding the twenty-four flower letters, we found that sometimes we raise flowers at home because we don't choose the right time, Every flower has its own flowering period. Now we can raise flowers according to the flowering period of different plants, so the success rate will be greater. What flowers do you like!

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