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What is the 24 solar terms flower trade wind

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What does

mean? Maybe many people don't know. Today I'll explain to you that the so-called flower trade wind is the wind that comes at the flowering season. The trade wind refers to the wind of signal, and the flower letter here is the flowering season marked by flowers; Therefore, it can be understood that the flower trade wind is a sign of climate change.


flower style details

Xiaohan: plum blossom, camellia and Narcissus; Cold: Daphne odora, orchid and alum; Beginning of spring: one waiting for spring, two waiting for cherry and three waiting for spring; Rain: Cauliflower in one season, apricot in two seasons and plum in three seasons; Sting: peach blossom, pear, rose; Vernal equinox: one waiting for Begonia, two waiting for pear flowers and three waiting for Magnolia; Qingming: Tung flowers, wheat flowers and willow flowers; Gu Yu: Peony in the first stage, phenol surimi in the second stage and bran flower in the third stage.


also have "Twelve sisters" Ballads


. Plum blossoms bloom in the first month and apricot flowers come all over the branches in February. Peach fragrance reflects the green water in March, and roses cover the fence in April. In May, the fire of durian is as red as that of lotus in June. In July, the wind fairy shows wonderful flowers, and in August, osmanthus blooms everywhere. Chrysanthemums are in full bloom in September and hibiscus comes with spring in October. In November, daffodils bloom, December Chimonanthus praecox heralds spring

December Flower God

January orchid Qu Yuan, February plum blossom forest description, March peach skin rest, April peony Ouyang Xiu, may peony Su Dongpo, June pomegranate river flooded, July lotus zhousickle River, August crape Myrtle Yang Wanli, September osmanthus Hongshi, October Hibiscus Fan Chengda, November chrysanthemum Tao Qian, December daffodils are as tall as grandchildren.

24 letter order

a year's flower and trade wind, plum blossom is the first and neem flower is the last. After 24 times of flower and trade winds, the summer starting from the beginning of summer has come. The 24 fanhuaxinfeng not only reflects the natural phenomenon of flowering and season, but also can be used to master the farming season and arrange farming. There are many folk proverbs reflecting phenology, such as "peach blossoms bloom, swallows come, prepare grain for planting in the field", "cuckoo, cuckoo, plant grain and cut wheat", etc https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/33174.html

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