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What does the 24 solar terms mean

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24 solar terms. Each solar term has a different flowering period. Representative plants bloom in each season. According to the solar terms of the lunar calendar, there are eight Qi and 120 days from light cold to Gu Yu. Every 15 days, a breath is divided into three periods. Every five days, there are 24 periods of eight Qi. Each period should be a kind of flower. This is the 24 flower letter, but many people may not know which flowers it is. Today, I'll give you a detailed introduction to the 24 solar terms flower letter.


24 flower letter specific content

Xiaohan: plum blossom, camellia and Narcissus; Cold: Daphne odora, orchid and alum; Beginning of spring: one waiting for spring, two waiting for cherry and three waiting for spring; Rain: Cauliflower in one season, apricot in two seasons and plum in three seasons; Sting: peach blossom, pear, rose; Vernal equinox: one waiting for Begonia, two waiting for pear flowers and three waiting for Magnolia; Qingming: Tung flowers, wheat flowers and willow flowers; Gu Yu: Peony in the first phase, Tumi in the second phase and neem in the third phase.


what are the letters


, the abbreviation of "flower wind", still talking about the flowering period. Trade winds refer to credible regular winds. In ancient China, five days were regarded as one season and three seasons as one solar term. Phenology is phenology. It refers to the activities of flowers, trees, birds and animals in nature according to certain seasons. This activity is closely related to climate change. The ancients gradually found that the germination, leafing, flowering, fruiting, yellow leaves and falling leaves of plants, and the dormancy, recovery, initial singing, breeding and migration of animals were all restricted by climate change. From winter to spring, there are twenty-four seasons in the eight solar terms from light cold to grain rain. In each season, a kind of flower buds bloom. People call the wind blowing when the flowers bloom "flower trade wind", so there is the saying of "twenty-four flower trade winds". The influence of


on the ancients


the ancients were really romantic enough to make every day of life poetic. Meditate, accompanied by flowers every day, the fragrance of flowers is dense from time to time, the language of flowers whispers, and the flowers are red and green every day. What a beautiful thing!

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