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What are the eight solar terms of the twenty-four solar terms

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do you know which eight of the twenty-four solar terms are? As an important calendar reflecting agricultural production in China, the twenty-four solar terms are of great significance. Today, let's introduce in detail the eight solar terms, solar terms customs, solar terms health care and other knowledge. Friends who like it can have a look. What are the eight sections of


, 二十四节气的八个节气是哪些,


? The eight solar terms of


are four Li, two Fen and two Zhi: beginning of spring, beginning of summer, beginning of autumn, beginning of winter, spring equinox, autumn equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice. Four seasons refer to spring, summer, autumn and winter, which is what we often call the four seasons. Solar term song: spring rain startles the sky and valley in spring, and summer is full of awns and connected with summer and summer; Autumn dew, autumn frost, winter snow, winter cold. There is no change in two sections of each month, with a difference of one or two days at most; The eight folk festivals refer to Shangyuan, Qingming, Lixia, Dragon Boat Festival, Zhongyuan, Mid Autumn Festival, winter solstice and new year's Eve. Don't mix them up.


use the song


in four seasons and eight seasons. At the beginning of spring, Wu earth and seven dynasties are glorious, and the third fire is born on the seventh day. In the rain, a starts to flourish, and the Yang water awakens the sting for ten days. Yimu 10 spring equinox, Yimu spirit on the ninth day of Qingming. On the third day, Guishui returned to chenku, and Sanwu soil was full before Gu Yu. In the beginning of summer, the earth returned to Lu seven days, and Geng Jin was born in the seventh day. The small man is burning brightly and the fire is flourishing, and the grain in ear is still flourishing for ten days. Have soil nine days in the afternoon, Ding fire 11 summer solstice dates. The ninth day of Xiaoshu Ding Huowang, and the third day of Yimu did not come. The earth is in the 18th summer, and the earth is booming for seven days at the beginning of autumn. When wusheng takes his place, Renshui will live forever in seven dynasties. Geng Jin 16 is in the summer, and Bai Lu is too white Geng for ten days. The autumn equinox is hot, and the cold dew is bright on the ninth day. On the third day, Ding fire returned to the garrison, and eighteen frost fell on the earth. At the beginning of winter, wuqijia is also seven, Renshui is sixteen, and the snow is deep. Ten days of heavy snow, Ren water level, Guishui 20 winter solstice. Xiaohan Guishui is prosperous for nine days and Xin jinchou Treasury for three days. The earth has been cold and prosperous for 18 years, and the four seasons and eight seasons are detailed..

four seasons and eight festivals time

Jianyin in the first month, seven days of Wutu, seven days of Binghuo and sixteen days of Jiamu. In February, Jianmao, armour wood for ten days and ethylwood for twenty days. Jianchen in March, nine days of Yimu, three days of Guishui and 18 days of Wutu. April has been built, seven days of earth, seven days of gold, and sixteen days of fire. In the afternoon of May, the third fire lasts for ten days, the second fire lasts for nine days, and the fourth fire lasts for eleven days. In June, there were nine days of Ding Huo, three days of Yimu and 18 days of self soil. In July, Jianshen, Wutu for seven days, Renshui for seven days and Gengjin for sixteen days. August Jianyou, Geng Jin ten days, Xin Jin twenty days. See Xu in September, Xin Jin nine days, Ding Huo three days, Wu Tu 18 days. In October, Jianhai, Wutu for seven days, Jiamu for seven days and Renshui for sixteen days. In November, Jianzi spent ten days in Renshui and twenty days in Guishui. In December, build ugliness, Guishui for nine days, Xinjin for three days, and self soil for 18 days.

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