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Eight of the 24 solar terms

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don't know what the eight solar terms of the twenty-four solar terms are. They are four, two and two solstices: beginning of spring, beginning of summer, beginning of autumn, beginning of winter, spring equinox, autumn equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice. Today we'll learn more about the eight solar terms and what precautions we should pay attention to. I hope it will help you after reading them. The eight solar terms


, 二十四节气中的八大节气,


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in the "December period" of Lv's spring and Autumn Annals written in the late Warring States period, there are eight Festival names, such as the beginning of spring, the spring equinox, the beginning of summer, the summer solstice, the beginning of autumn, the autumn equinox, the beginning of winter and the winter solstice. These eight solar terms are the most important of the 24 solar terms. Mark the change of seasons and clearly divide the four seasons of the year.


solar terms customs


take Lichun as an example. Lichun is the first solar term of the year, so there are many customs everywhere. For example, there is the custom of spring beating cattle in some places. The spring cattle made of mulberry wood as the skeleton is the "cattle" specially used for the custom activities of "spring beating cattle". On the day after the winter solstice, earth is taken to synthesize mud adobe and carved into a shape similar to that of a cow. Draw the four hour eight Festival and the twelve hour pattern on the 360 day. The day before the beginning of spring, officials and people offered sacrifices on the agreed agricultural altar. The masses help plough the land. While ploughing, they beat "spring cattle" and shouted: a dozen "good weather"; Two dozen "national peace and public security"; Three dozen "bumper harvests" and other auspicious words.

solar term health preservation

here still take Lichun as an example. In Lichun health preservation, we should eat more spicy and warm foods, such as jujube, Douchi, onion, coriander, peanut, shrimp, etc. In addition, radish can also cook porridge with japonica rice or bake radish silk cake. It has many effects, such as regulating qi, helping digestion, tonifying spleen and stomach, dispelling wind and cold, eliminating phlegm, detoxification and so on. In spring, many fruits and vegetables are on the market in large quantities. Health preservation people can eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables to regulate their body and make their body healthier. Spring health should eat less sour and more sweet. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when the liver Qi is vigorous in spring, eating more sour food will cause excessive liver qi and damage the spleen and stomach. Therefore, in the beginning of spring, we should eat less sour food. And

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