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The meaning of each of the 24 solar terms

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The 24 solar terms of

are an important part of Chinese traditional culture. A year is divided into four seasons, each season has three months, and each month has two solar terms. Each solar term has its unique significance. The 24 solar terms reflect the natural rhythm change. It is an important season system to guide agricultural production, and contains countless folk affairs.

二十四节气各自的意思 24节气快速记忆法

at the beginning of spring

means "start"; Spring represents warmth and growth.


rainwater solar terms mark the beginning of rainfall.

waking up means that the weather warms up and the spring thunder begins to sound, waking up dormant insects underground.

vernal equinox

vernal equinox means that one day is divided equally between day and night; Second, the spring equinox is the equal division of spring in the three months of spring.


Qingming means clear Qi and clear scenery.

Gu Yu

. Gu Yu means "rain begets a hundred valleys".

beginning of summer

beginning of summer means the official beginning of midsummer.

small full solar terms

small full solar terms mean entering the rainy season with heavy precipitation.

grain in ear

grain in ear means: "grain crops with awns can be planted, and they will become invalid after this".

summer solstice

at this time, the daytime time in the northern hemisphere reaches the longest in the whole year.

small heat

small heat means that the midsummer officially begins.

great heat

"heat" means hot. Great heat means extreme heat.

beginning of autumn

beginning of autumn indicates that autumn has entered since then.

in the heat

in the heat means to leave in the heat.  

White Dew

White Dew is an important solar term reflecting the growth of cold in nature.

autumnal equinox

autumnal equinox, "Fen" means "equinox" and "half". The autumnal equinox is the same day and night all over the world.

cold dew

cold dew is a solar term reflecting the characteristics of climate change.

frost term

frost term reflects the climatic characteristics of sudden temperature drop.

beginning of winter

beginning of winter means that life begins to close and store, and all things enter a state of rest and collection.

light snow the arrival of

light snow solar terms means that the weather will be colder and colder and the precipitation will increase gradually.

heavy snow

heavy snow marks the official beginning of the mid winter season.

winter solstice

winter solstice is the day with the shortest day and the longest night in the northern hemisphere.

light cold

light cold "means that the weather is cold but not extreme."


"heavy cold"


"heavy cold means that the weather is extremely cold.

there is also a song to help us remember the 24 solar terms:

spring rain startles the Spring Valley sky

summer is full of awns and summer is connected

autumn dew autumn cold and frost fall

winter snow winter small cold

spring rain startles the Spring Valley sky

summer is full of awns and summer is connected

autumn dew autumn cold and frost fall

"Winter snow, winter cold"

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