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Flower trade wind corresponding to 24 solar terms

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"spring rains startle the spring and clear the valley. Summer is full of light and summer is connected. Autumn dew, autumn cold and frost fall, winter snow and winter cold. The two festivals of each month do not change, with a difference of one or two days at most. In the first half of the year, it comes on June 21, and in the second half of the year, it is on August 23." this is a well-known 24 solar term song, which represents the wisdom of the working people in ancient China and also affects the clothing, food, housing and transportation of farmers, Even cultural concepts.


the origin of the twenty-four flower trade winds

as meaningful as the twenty-four solar terms, there are twenty-four flower trade winds. From light cold to Gu Yu, there are eight integrity, one hundred and twenty days, one every five days, twenty-four times, each waiting for a kind of flower letter. Each time, some kind of flower buds bloom. People call the wind blowing when the flowers bloom as the wind that brings flowering information. Among the plants that bloom in each of the twenty-four seasons, select a plant with the most accurate flowering period as the representative, which is called the flower trade wind of this season, so there are twenty-four versions of flower trade wind. We all know that there are many folk proverbs that reflect phenology. More importantly, we can use this phenomenon to master the farming season and prepare grain for planting in the field. The earliest monograph on phenology and Xia Xiaozheng in the early Western Han dynasty recorded phenology, meteorology, celestial phenomena and important political and agricultural activities, such as farming, sericulture, horse breeding, etc. "Peach blossoms bloom before and after Gu Yu", "peel jujubes in August"... People choose a flower with the most accurate flowering period as the representative to arrange farming, that is, two Qi and six climate in January, flower trade style, book of rites and other similar phenological records, and their various activities have become the symbols of the season.


24 kinds of flower and trade style content


24 kinds of flower and trade style respectively refer to: Xiaohan: plum blossom, camellia and Narcissus; Cold: Daphne odora, orchid and alum; Beginning of spring: one waiting for spring, two waiting for cherry and three waiting for spring; Rain: Cauliflower in one season, apricot in two seasons and plum in three seasons; Sting: peach blossom, pear, rose; Vernal equinox: one waiting for Begonia, two waiting for pear flowers and three waiting for Magnolia; Qingming: Tung flowers, wheat flowers and willow flowers; Gu Yu: Peony in one season, wormwood in two seasons and neem in three seasons.


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