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What kind of meat do you eat

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The physical problems of

are always the most important in life for any person, because they play a great role in their later life. How can people better keep fit when the snow solar term comes? In this solar term, what is the most suitable method for meat?

大雪节气养生小知识 吃什么肉

snow solar term health care tips

1. Foot soaking massage:

during snow solar term, you can always wash your feet with warm water every day, massage and stimulate the acupoints of your feet at the same time. Insist on walking for more than half an hour every day. When it comes to feet, in addition, choose a pair of comfortable, warm and light shoes with good moisture absorption.

2. Drink more hot water:

although sweating and urination are reduced in winter, the cells of brain and body organs still need water to nourish to ensure normal metabolism. In winter, the daily water supplement should not be less than 2000 ~ 3000 ml, which is the best.

what kind of meat is suitable for the snow solar term

1. Mutton

is very suitable for mutton in winter, because it is rich in fat, carbohydrates, protein, inorganic salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. Mutton has the effects of warming and tonifying deficiency, tonifying kidney and liver, appetizing and strengthening spleen, resisting cold and removing dampness. It has always been regarded as a good product for resisting cold and tonifying yang in winter.

2. Beef

beef is warm and sweet, rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, protein, fat, niacin, inorganic salts, etc. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, beef can tonify the spleen and stomach, strengthen muscles and bones, and prevent some ligament pulling.

vegetables for health preservation in the snow solar term

1. Water chestnut

can be eaten in the snow season. It has purple black skin, white meat, sweet and juicy, crisp and delicious. It is known as "underground Sydney". The North calls it "Jiangnan ginseng". It can be eaten raw fruit and vegetables. It is a popular seasonal product.

2. Lotus root

lotus root contains dietary fiber, water, vitamins, trace elements, tannins and other nutrients. After eating, it has many tonic effects on the body. Cooked food has a very good warming and tonifying effect. The temperature is low during the snowy solar term. Eating some lotus root spare ribs soup can warm the body and maintain good health, It can help us resist the cold.

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