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What are the proverbs, ballads and sayings of the snow solar term

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about a solar term, it is very important for us to know from what aspects, especially in the folk, there will be proverbs and ballads, which have been preserved by people through folk inheritance. What angle can we better understand the common saying about the existence of snow solar term?

大雪节气的谚语 歌谣 俗语有哪些

Proverbs of heavy snow solar terms

1. More snow, no bad wheat. 2. Half of the mountain is covered with snow, and one stone of wheat is beaten. 3. Snow has three parts of fertilizer. 4. Snow heaps the pond, and the warehouse will be full next year. 5. Continue to plant trees and protect the fruit forest. Dig the pit before the ground is sealed. 6. Fertilize and water the nest and smash it. The hole is airtight and the survival rate is high. 7. Don't neglect drilling and canal repair, and the drainage and irrigation roads and forests should be matched. 8. The winter snow warms up late and the spring snow warms up early. 9. The winter snow is full of snow and the coming year is a bumper year. 10. The winter snow eliminates the grass on four sides and the next year is more fat and less pests. 11. The winter snow is a treasure. The spring snow is the root grass.

heavy snow

light snow light snow just passed the

heavy snow. The river

will be closed due to heavy snow

little rabbit little rabbit with thick hair

big bear big bear hide in the nest

mother-in-law of the north wind patrols

father-in-law of the sun doesn't dare to provoke

dark clouds. Brother covers the sky

snowflake girl is a good guest

24 solar terms nursery rhyme "heavy snow"


"goose feathers dance in the world white"


in silver

suddenly like a spring breeze song

thousands of pear flowers bloom

the north wind bursts clouds open

heavy snow flakes fall

in silver

thousands of miles away

covered with frozen snow

goose feathers covered with white frozen dust

“ Kdsps "the heart is happy in the snow and the heart is full of feelings"


"the goose feather is flying in the sky and the world is white"


"the feeling is white in silver"


"suddenly like a spring breeze all night"


"thousands of trees and pear flowers bloom"


"take down the plum and bury it in the snow"


"the fragrance of tea cooking in early spring"


"Yin Qi is prosperous and declining, and all things have love"


"hundreds of birds return to the forest and there is silence"


"Orchids raise their heads"


"another year of auspicious snow"


"wait for all flowers to bloom tomorrow.


are the folk sayings of heavy snow solar terms.


break the snow during the Qingming Festival and the frost during the valley rain.


sweep the snow in front of the door. Don't worry about the frost on other people's tiles.


cloud cover the moon on the 15th of August and light the snow on the 15th of the first month.


wax snow is treasure, but spring snow is not good.

the heavy snow is not cold in spring (Guangxi),

the heavy snow river is sealed, the winter solstice is not good, the boat (black),

the heavy snow is sunny, and there is much snow in spring (Hebei),

the heavy snow is not cold, and next year's drought (Hebei),

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