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What are the customs of snow solar terms

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What kind of impact will the

snow solar term have on our life and what kind of stress will it have in the future? This is what we should understand, especially when each solar term comes, there must be corresponding customs and cultures. Therefore, we should pay attention to the customs in the snow solar term to a great extent.

大雪节气有啥讲究 都有哪些风俗

pay attention to

1. Pay attention to the comfort of shoes.

first, wear shoes of appropriate size during the heavy snow solar term in order to have a better warm keeping effect.

2. Go out and exercise properly. Avoid long-term indoor

. Long-term indoor not only does the air freshness not enough, but also the exercise of human function is weakened. We should pay attention to physical exercise, such as walking, jogging and Taijiquan, so as to nourish muscles and bones, relax muscles and activate collaterals, unblock blood vessels and enhance our own resistance.

3. Do not sleep with doors and windows closed for a long time.

open windows several times a day in winter to facilitate air circulation. Sleeping with doors and windows closed for a long time is prone to nasal congestion, dry mouth, headache, decreased immune function, etc. in addition, the temperature of air conditioning in winter should be appropriate and must not be too high, otherwise the temperature difference between cold and hot is large and easy to get sick.

Customs of heavy snow solar terms

1. Heavy snow pickled meat

one of the customs of the 24 solar terms of heavy snow solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar is pickled meat. There is a saying, called "light snow pickle, heavy snow pickled meat". As soon as the snowy solar term arrives, every family has to be busy pickling "salty goods". Whether poultry or seafood, we use traditional production methods to process fresh raw materials into delicious food with strong aroma to welcome the coming new year.


2. Eat sweet potato porridge


. After the heavy snow, the temperature gradually becomes cold. People pay great attention to keeping warm indoors and outdoors, and wear winter clothes to prevent frostbite. There is a saying among the people in northern Shandong that "when you go to the door, you only drink red sticky porridge", which means that you don't come to the door anymore in cold weather, and only drink warm sweet potato porridge at home. It also represents the hard days before.

how to lose weight

1. You must eat


for breakfast. If you want to lose weight in winter, it must be related to what you eat first. According to the survey, one third of office workers don't eat breakfast, especially in winter, the cold weather makes people don't want to get up, and they miss the time to eat breakfast when they oversleep. But in order to maintain a day's metabolism and avoid hunger, overeating at noon is very easy to be obese, so you must eat breakfast.

2. Improve gastrointestinal health

you think it's easy to have a bad stomach only in summer. In fact, it's not. You unconsciously eat too much in winter and often eat spicy food, which will virtually stimulate your stomach. Therefore, it is very important to maintain gastrointestinal health. You can eat more vegetables and drink some tea.

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