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What are the customs about snow solar terms

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all kinds of food have different meanings in our life, and when a solar term comes, the problems of food should be understood in time, because it involves the change of seasons. What kind of customs and culture are there among the people when the snow solar term comes, about the inheritance of food?

关于大雪节气的知识 有什么食俗

little knowledge of heavy snow solar terms

1. Keep warm and protect Yang

is winter in heavy snow solar terms. Winter belongs to Yin. Based on strengthening Yin essence, it is advisable to reduce body fluid. Therefore, it is necessary to "warm the cold" in winter to prevent cold invasion. But don't be too warm, especially avoid thick clothes and heavy fur, get drunk to the fire, bake your abdomen and back, and sweat violently.

2. Daily life should go to bed early and get up late.

the Yang is killing in winter, especially at night. It is necessary to "lie down early and get up late". Go to bed early to nourish Yang Qi and get up late to consolidate Yin essence. During the heavy snow season, everything is hidden. Health preservation should also comply with the laws of nature and work hard on the word "Tibet". Daily recuperation should go to bed early and get up late, and should restrain your air and keep your lungs clean. There is a great difference in temperature difference between morning and evening. The elderly should live carefully and exercise properly to enhance their adaptability to climate change and make our body more resistant.

what are the eating customs of the snow solar term

1. Drink sweet potato porridge

when people in northern Shandong come to the University and there is a saying that "they rush to the door and only drink red sticky porridge", which means that they don't visit the door in cold weather and only drink warm sweet potato porridge at home. Imagine that the night is coming, the snow is falling, and the sticky sweetness of sweet potatoes overflows in the warm house. The fog condenses in the window frame, and the fragrance of porridge rice slides through the throat, bringing comfort to the stomach.

2. There is a ballad in

for Tanger: "Tanger guest, take it slowly, and xiaoxier follows a large class." before and after the heavy snow solar term, the scene of "Tanger" will appear on the streets of Wenzhou. The whole page of maltose made by maltose workshops in various places is provided to small traders who carry the burden of walking around the streets, commonly known as "sugar guest",


. 3. Pickled Bacon


. Although in Mianyang, we can't enjoy the above fun of watching Fenghe River and skating on the ice, there should be delicious bacon in every family, It will be taken out every new year and festival.

the blessing language of the snow solar term

the cold wind blows, takes away your troubles, the temperature drops suddenly, freezes your worries, snowflakes fall and sprinkle pieces of happiness around you. When the snow comes, send a sentence of blessing to you. Snow, I wish you happiness and auspiciousness.


snowflakes float all over the sky, floating away fatigue, toil and sorrow; Snowflakes fall silently, a good sign of happiness, happiness and beauty. When the snow season comes, I wish you good luck and happiness!


heavy snow has come, and the cold winter has come. I hope you take care of your body, add more clothes, keep warm, exercise regularly, eat reasonably, don't get angry, be happy, be happy, be happy and have a healthy winter!

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