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What month and day is the beginning of winter in 2021

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when the residents in the North put on cotton padded clothes, cotton trousers, hats and go out facing the north, we know that winter is coming soon. Put away the short sleeves in summer and prepare thick winter clothes. It can be seen that the changes of solar terms have a profound impact on everyone's daily life. Let's take a look at the beginning of winter and what festival customs are popular.

2021年立冬是几月几日 立冬活动

what month is the beginning of winter in 2021

according to the calendar, it is November 7, that is, the third day of October in the lunar calendar. It is the first season of winter, reminding people that autumn is over, and then we have to face the severe cold solar terms. We should not only prepare the crops in the field for winter, but also pay attention to the body's warmth preservation, so as to prevent colds due to the large temperature difference between day and night. What are the activities of

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① tonifying winter: literally, eating something to nourish the body. People in some areas will eat some big fish and meat to supplement and prepare for the cold period, including chicken, duck, mutton and so on.

② welcome winter: ancient emperors would go to the suburbs to hold a ceremony and give their ministers winter clothes to welcome the arrival of winter, but they can't see it now. However, there will be sacrificial activities in some rural areas. It is said that it is to meet the "winter God" and pray for good weather in the coming year, safe winter for crops and a bumper harvest in the coming year.

③ swimming: in some places in the south, local people will go swimming on the day of the beginning of winter. It is understood that swimming in winter can increase resistance, but there is no scientific evidence, but what we want is a lively atmosphere for the festival.

festival food recommendation

1. Pockmarked fruit: it is a Han characteristic snack popular in Shangrao and Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province. It is to beat the steamed glutinous rice in a special stone trough, pinch it into small balls, and wrap it with crushed fried beans, sesame, white granulated sugar, etc. it is a sweet food very popular with children.

2. Dumplings: the so-called delicious dumplings. There are all kinds of fillings. They can not only be used for sacrifice, but also need to be shared with their families.

3. Salted meat and vegetable rice: it is common in Suzhou. It is usually made of frosted green vegetables, salted meat with both fat and thin, and rice vinegar. It is especially sweet and delicious.

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