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When is Lidong and what does Lidong eat

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when the temperature keeps falling, people will hide at home and try to reduce the number of times they go out. It is very quiet around, with withered vegetation and animals ready to hibernate. At the same time, we will also make some exquisite food to nourish the body and recuperate. Here is a brief introduction to a related festival to see what delicious food there are.

立冬是什么时候 立冬 吃什么

when is the beginning of winter

is usually on November 7 or 8 every year, with a difference of one or two days at most. For example, this year is on the 7th day, the third day of October of the lunar calendar. It is said that it is appropriate to move, decorate, open a business, get married, get a license, start work and set up a bed on that day. It is forbidden to enter the house, move to the ground, settle the gate, go to work, pray for blessings, seek medical treatment, fasting and so on. You can arrange your travel plan according to the contents of the old yellow calendar, so as to make things go more smoothly.

what to eat in the season

① chicken and duck: they are warm and tonic foods. Different cultures and practices are different, but they are good for your health.

② drink mutton soup: the business of mutton restaurant will be very good this day, because many people will gather here to order and drink a bowl of hot soup to resist the cold.

③ eating dumplings: northern residents like to eat this food in the beginning of winter, including leek stuffing, pork stuffing, beef stuffing and so on. They eat it with sauce. The family get together to share it, which is especially festive.

④ sugarcane: it is said that eating it at the beginning of winter will not get angry and can protect teeth. Therefore, people in Chaoshan area love to eat it. What are the origins of




were only used as one of the 24 solar terms in the earliest times, which are recorded in various classics. Standing means the beginning. Winter is the meaning of entering winter, reflecting the changes of seasons. In the Han and Wei dynasties, it is said that on the day of the beginning of winter, the emperor would personally lead his officials to welcome the winter atmosphere, commend and compensate the martyrs and their families who died for the country, encourage the people to resist the plunder and invasion of foreign enemies or evil bandits, and give them winter clothes. Later, customs such as ancestor worship, banquet and divination were gradually developed to pray for a good harvest in the coming year, take this opportunity to have a rest and suspend farming.

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